How to Wear Orange and Blue Dress: 15 Passionate Outfits

There are some colors that have some very interesting and attractive chemistry between them. Today, I am going to specifically talk about the orange and blue dress which can make you look very eye catching and sharp. Unlike the color combination of red and black which looks aggressive and powerful, the orange and blue combination can give you a more cheerful and refreshing feel. What you are about to see are some really cool and beautiful orange and blue dress outfit ideas that I have collected for you. Let’s jump right in now.

Blue Mini Chiffon Orange Belted Dress


To start off this list of cool outfit ideas, I am going to take it easy and show you one that is not as sharp and eye catching as some other outfits to be shown later on. It is basically a blue sleeveless mini chiffon dress that comes with an orange narrow belt. Pair them with orange and nude platform sandals to perfectly match with the dress.

Orange and Blue Gathered Waist Lace Hem Flared Dress

orange and blue gathered waist lace hem flared dress

This is a beautiful and breezy dress that is mainly in orange. It is a gathered waist flared dress that has a blue neckline and its hem is filled with nifty lace details. To complete this outfit in a refreshing and attractive way, you can simply wear nude heeled sandals.

Orange and Blue Zig-Zag Printed Long Sleeve Mini Shift Dress


Now, to look more eye catching and be more playful and creative, here is a blue and orange zig-zag patterned long sleeve mini dress that you may want to try. Wear a pair of beige suede wide-calf knee high boots and a statement necklace to make this outfit even more unique and stylish.

Orange, Blue and White Floral Printed Tube Mini Dress


For those of you who are planning to hang out on the beach but not really in the mood of wearing a bikini, here is a sundress that can make you look refreshing and approachable. The dress here is a blue and orange floral printed strapless mini shift dress. Wear nude sandals to look more refreshing.

Blue and Orange Silk Color Block Fit and Flare Maxi Dress

blue and orange silk color block fit and flare maxi dress

This is a very unique and beautiful prom dress that can make you stand out from the crowd without requiring you to show any skin. It is a color block fit and flare maxi silk dress with the upper part in royal blue and the lower part in orange. Wear pink sequin heels to complete the outfit in a classy way.

Orange and Sky Blue Belted Color Block Mini Chiffon Dress

orange and sky blue belted color block mini chiffon dress

Here is another orange and blue color block dress. But this time, it is a much more feminine and cozy one that is easier to pull off. In detail, the dress is a mini chiffon dress with the upper part in orange and the lower part in sky blue. It comes with a white ribbon belt which makes the dress look so lovely. Wear white open toe heels to look even more refreshing.

Navy and Orange Floral Printed Breezy Midi Dress

navy and orange floral printed breezy midi dress

This is a relaxed fit navy and orange floral printed midi dress that looks breezy and casual. It is best to wear it on vacation to express your super relaxed mood. To style the dress, you can wear a pair of brown leather heels to complete the outfit in a refreshing way.

Dark Blue and Orange Gathered Waist Mini Dress with Navy Cardigan

dark blue and orange gathered waist mini dress with navy cardigan

To look more breezy and refreshing, a mini chiffon dress is a great option. In this case, it is a dark blue and orange polka dot and floral printed mini chiffon dress. Pair it with a navy sweater cardigan and a pair of pale pink heels to look more cozy and ladylike.

Blue and Orange Sleeveless Bodycon Mini Printed Dress

blue and orange sleeveless bodycon mini printed dress

Here is a really colorful dress that can make you stand out from the crowd in a cocktail party or other semi-formal events. The dress is a blue and orange printed sleeveless bodycon mini dress that has a low-key keyhole design. Wear a pair of orange open toe suede heels to complete the outfit in an eye catching way.

Orange Tribal Printed Sleeveless Knee Length Shift Dress

orange tribal printed sleeveless knee length shift dress

This is a more refreshing outfit. In fact, you can see shadow of boho style in it. To form this look, you can wear an orange and blue sleeveless tribal printed knee length shift linen dress. Wear royal blue open toe heels to match with the dress perfectly and to look more cheerful.

Royal Blue Cardigan with Orange Knee Length Swing Dress

royal blue cardigan with orange knee length swing dress

The dress here is an orange gathered waist knee length swing dress with some white and blue floral printed details. You can make the outfit look more cozy by wearing a blue cardigan over the dress. For the shoes, wear pale pink ballet flats to look casual and ladylike.

Orange and Teal Blue Printed Sundress with Straw Hat

orange and teal blue printed sundress with straw hat

To achieve a super refreshing and cheerful look that is suitable for a beach hangout, here is an outfit you should try. Wear an orange and teal printed sleeveless mini chiffon dress with a straw hat. Pair these pieces with nude strappy sandals to look refreshing and attractive.

Off The shoulder Maxi Chiffon Floral Printed Sundress

off the shoulder maxi chiffon floral printed sundress

For those of you who have beautiful shoulders and collarbones, you can wear this off the shoulder orange maxi chiffon floral printed dress to show off your strength a little bit. Very interestingly, pair the dress with teal sandals to look extra ladylike.

Orange and Light Blue Knee Length Flared Collar Dress

orange and light blue knee length flared collar dress

This is a pretty rare orange knee length flared dress that comes with a collar. It also comes with a nifty baby blue belted design. Pair the dress with grey ballet heels to complete this lovely look.

Orange and Blue Polka Dot Sleeveless Knee Length Chiffon Dress

orange and blue polka dot sleeveless knee length chiffon dress

For a vintage and eye catching look, you may want to try this orange and blue polka dot knee length chiffon dress. Pair it with pale pink heels to complete this cool outfit.

Here are the orange and blue dress outfit ideas that can make you look passionate and energetic. Give them a try and see if they can make you look more cheerful and approachable.