How to Style Red Cocktail Dress: 14 Top Outfit Ideas

best red cocktail dress outfits

I have noticed that the most popular color for a cocktail dress is the color of black. But if you ask me what is my favorite color when it comes to the cocktail dress, it has to be the color of red. For one, it is because of the eye catchiness. More important, it is because that I believe a cocktail party is a happy event that everyone should bring their A game to show up bright an connect with each other. For this blog post, I have put together some very beautiful red cocktail dress outfit ideas. Let’s check them out now.

Red Off The Shoulder Sheath Dress


You can definitely style a red cocktail dress both in an elegant way or a more approachable and youthful way. To start off this list, I am going to show you an extremely classy one. To achieve this look, you can wear a red off the shoulder sheath dress. This dress has some very nifty faux crystal elements that make the dress look stunning in its own right. Pair it with nude heeled sandals that also has some crystal elements to match perfectly with the red dress. To add an extra touch of elegance, wear a diamond statement necklace to complete the outfit.

Red Strapless Silk Cocktail Dress

red strapless silk cocktail dress

Although this is supposed to be a very sexy looking red strapless silk dress, it is styled in a way that makes you look very friendly and approachable. To achieve that, you can wear the red cocktail dress with pale pink heels and a pink clutch purse.

Red Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress

red fit and flare cocktail dress

For those of you that tends to want to wear a more casual dress in a cocktail party, here is a red fit and flare cocktail dress that may just fulfil your need. To style it casually, simply wear nude heels and a nude purse to complete this casual yet elegant enough outfit that could make you feel very comfortable in a cocktail party.

Red Midi Bodycon Cocktail Dress

red midi bodycon cocktail dress

Here is another low-key beautiful outfit for those of you who want to look beautiful but don’t want to become the center of the party. It is a red midi bodycon dress. You can simply wear it with nude gladiator sandals for a minimal and pretty look.

Red Deep V Neck Skater Dress with Black Choker

red deep v neck skater dress black choker

I think that I have wrote about black dresses before and I have mentioned that a black choker can take a black dress to another level. In the case of a red cocktail dress, to be more specific, a deep v neck skater dress, the black choker may not have the same effect on the red dress but it still makes the overall outfit look more stylish. To add more extra uniqueness to the outfit, you can wear black strappy sandals.

Red Cold Shoulder Sheath Cocktail Dress

red cold shoulder sheath cocktail dress

For those of you who have beautiful shoulders and skin but think that an off-shoulder dress is too far outside your comfort zone, a cold shoulder cocktail dress may be something that you want to try. You can simply wear this red sheath dress with white heeled sandals and you will have a minimal and refreshing look.

Red Bodycon Midi Dress with Red Clutch Bag

red bodycon midi dress clutch bag

Although this red bodycon midi dress isn’t too much different from the ones already mentioned, I want to put this outfit idea here on the list because of the beautiful combination of the red dress and the red clutch bag. The pair of silver strappy open toe shoes is also a perfect match with the dress to create this amazing look.

Red Shift Dress with Boho Style Statement Necklace

red shift dress boho style statement necklace

There are quite a few ways to make yourself stand out in a cocktail party, one of the best options is to dress in a boho style unexpectedly. To achieve the boho look, you can simply wear a red sleeveless shift dress with boho style nude strappy sandals and a boho style statement necklace.

Red Lace Bodycon Dress

red lace bodycon dress

If you are looking to dress in a more feminine and mature way, you may want to consider wearing this red lace bodycon dress. This dress is a low key sexy one that has a semi-sheer upper part. I would recommend you to wear a pair of nude heeled sandals to complete this beautiful outfit.

Off The Shoulder Deep V Neck Midi Dress

off the shoulder deep v neck midi dress

This outfit is a great demonstration of the famous saying “less is more”. It is such a minimal outfit that features only an off-shoulder deep v neck midi dress and a pair of pale pink heels. Sometimes, when the colors are right and the cuttings are right, the outfit feels just right.

Red Deep V Neck Flare Mini Dress

red deep v neck flare mini dress

Who says that you can’t look cute and sexy at the same time. This red deep v neck skater dress would be a good answer for that. Wear a red clutch bag and red heels to complete this stunning all-red outfit.

Three-Quarter Red Fit and Flare Belted Dress

three quarter red fit and flare belted dress

Here is an elegant outfit that looks slightly more powerful than the ones mentioned due to the gold belted design. You can power dress in a beautiful way by wearing this three-quarter red belted dress. Complete the outfit with red heels and a gold belt.

Red Skater Cocktail Dress with Lace Collar

red skater cocktail dress lace collar

For some people, a lace dress may look too mature. You may want to try one that has just a little bit of lace element. For example, try this red skater cocktail dress that uses lace for the collar area. You can wear silver sequin heels to complete the outfit with elegance.

One Shoulder High Split Red Dress

one shoulder high split red dress

For a sexy and stylish asymmetric look, you can wear a red one-shoulder red dress. The high slit in the dress also allows you to show off your legs in a relatively low key way. Wear silver pointed toe heels to complete this remarkable outfit.

Here are the red cocktail dress outfit ideas that I want to share with you. I feel like I can go on and share with you another one hundred outfit ideas since I just love the idea of wearing red for a cocktail party.