Blush Pink Dress: Dress Yourself in Favorite Pastel Color

blush pink dress flowy silk

Blush pink trend has a significant impact on fashion girl squad. Last year, we could see many different models of blush pink dresses, tops, skirts, pants and comfy sweaters. It is not easy to achieve a perfect pink outfit, without looking like a Barbie. However, the first thing to know is that blush pink is very romantic and not so eye-catching, like fuschia or some other shade of pink. I have decided to show you how to wear a blush pink dress.

Blush pink dress was one of the most favorite garments of It-girls last year. It is pretty easy to combine, because of its neutral tone. You can wear it with some bright and robust color like red or blue, but you can also style it with beige or nude.

One thing is sure though: you will look unquestionably romantic and feel like a real princess. Even if you pair it with vinyl thigh high boots, your outfit will be stylish and very soft looking.
Anyway, let’s see some of the best outfit ideas on how to wear blush pink dress.

High Slitted

blush pink dress high slit
This cleavage-baring gown in blush pink shade is everything! It is sexy, elegant and very stylish. The plunging neckline is flawlessly showing of the decolletage, while high slits are showing off the legs. Make sure to pair it with nude super high heel sandals. You will absolutely stand out from the crowd.

Silk and Flowy

blush pink dress flowy silk
Summer is a great time to wear this kind of dresses. Blush pink dress that is flowy and so comfortable is excellent for hot days in the city. In this garment, you will feel comfortable and most of all you will look sexy and stylish. It has a bow around the neck and crisscross neckline.

Dress above Jeans

blush pink dress lace over jeans
Pairing your dress with jeans might seem like a strange idea for you, but trust me it is a perfect thing to do. You will look exciting and most of all you will feel super comfortable in your favorite pair of jeans! This blush pink dress is made of lace, and it has the small ruffle on the shoulders. Interesting cut and material, right?

Blush Pink Tulle Dress

blush pink dress tulle
Long and flowy this dress is perfect to wear for elegant occasions-weddings, parties by the pool or any other kind of celebration. If you are thinking about is it smart to pair it with black accessories, my answer is yes. Even though the shade of dress is pretty soft, you can wear black stilettos and small tote bag to round off this combination.

Blush Pink Dress and Sneakers

blush pink dress sneakers
This girl looks pretty in pink. She obviously adores pink color, because she dyed her hair in a pink shade too! This maxi dress has ruffle sleeves, and it is two-toned. Pair it with a pink bomber jacket and pink sneakers for the perfect mix of styles. It is an ideal outfit for an everyday stroll.

Clean-Lined Blush Pink Dress

blush pink dress lace up sandals
Every girl needs a dress like this in her wardrobe. It is sophisticated, polished and with clean lines. Even though now you think that you need to wear this dress with high heels, I have another suggestion. Try wearing it with flat lace-up sandals. Pair it with the bag in the same color-pink.

Ruffled Blush Pink

blush pink dress mini ruffle
Mini and ruffled this dress is perfect for summertime. It is very youngish and sexy. The ruffles are what make it look beautiful and exciting. It has long sleeves and a bow around the waist. This blush pink dress is perfect for highlighting your body shape.

Pretty In (Blush) Pink

blush pink dress ladylike
The actress Kate Bosworth shows us how to look like a lady in this astonishing blush pink dress. She pairs it with gold pointy-toe stilettos and metallic clutch bag. The dress has a perfect combination of classic and modern cut. The bodice is classy, but the bottom part is A-lined and has a ruffle in the central place of the dress. It is perfect for formal events.

Retro Vibes

blush pink dress retro vibes
There are major retro vibes in this outfit. The cut of the dress, the length, and the hat! Everything is ladylike and classy. The dress is simple yet very stylish. It has the big bow on one side of the shoulder. The bag and the pointy-toe shoes are in the same shade as the dress. It is perfect outfit if you want to recreate a look from the ‘50s.

Soft Pink Ruffles

blush pink dress ruffles summertime
This off the shoulders maxi ruffle dress is perfect for seaside and vacations. It is very casual and comfortable. Moreover, this blush pink dress is very stylish and modern. You can pair it with big straw hat and flat strappy sandals, and voila! You have a perfect summer look.

Midi Dress

blush pink dress ruffle hem
This midi dress is perfect for some more elegant occasions than everyday ones. You can even consider it as workwear. Style it with strap high heel sandals and shoulder bag. The dress has a ruffle hem and long puffy sleeves. It is stylish and sophisticated.

Oversized Dress a la Italian Girl

blush pink dress guilda
There is an attractive dress. It is cotton made and has a cut like a classic trench coat. The long belt is knotted around the waist, so it should highlight your body line. The length of the dress is classy though. Midi length is perfect for wearing and stylish with much different shoewear.

Blush Pink Velvet

blush pink dress velvet
Velvet is one of the most flattering materials. It is soft, warm and very posh looking. This blush pink dress is wrapped, and it is combined with the long camel coat. If you ask me, this outfit is perfect for formal or business lunches, dinners or holiday parties.

Cool and Chic in Blush Pink Dress

blush pink dress long
A long dress that is wrapped is perfect for styling with peep-toe retro high heels. It will make you look taller than in any other dress. The shade of the dress is ideal for combining, so you can wear it with a mini tote bag that has fur. You will look casual yet-very-interesting.
I hope that you have enjoyed in outfits that I have prepared for you!