How to Wear Burgundy Jeans: 15 Outfit Ideas for Women

best burgundy jeans outfit ideas

Let me start this blog post by asking you a simple question. What colors of jeans do you have in your wardrobe right now. Blue for sure. May be black, grey and white too. Today, what I am going to talk about is something that you should also consider keeping one in your wardrobe, namely the burgundy jeans. It is actually really easy to style the burgundy jeans. You can basically treat them as black jeans and you will very likely see some good and surprising results. Still, here are some really good burgundy jeans outfit ideas that you can base your outfits on. Let’s dive in.

Crepe Suede Blazer with Burgundy Jeans

crepe suede blazer burgundy jeans

Burgundy jeans are great for making you look deeper and more feminine. They are almost like black jeans but with that little extra feminine touch. Here is an example of a stylish and beautiful look you can build around a pair of burgundy skinny jeans. Simply pair it with a blush pink button up shirt and a crepe suede blazer. Complete the outfit with pale pink platform heels.

Chambray Button Up Shirt with Burgundy Skinny Jeans

chambray button up shirt burgundy skinny jeans

If I have to choose a color that is the best match for burgundy, my top pick would be the light blue. As an example of an outfit that uses such color combination, simply wear a chambray shirt and tuck it in a pair of burgundy skinny jeans. Complete the outfit with a pair of light grey suede oxford shoes.

White Relaxed Fit Sweater with Burgundy Skinny Jeans

white relaxed fit sweater burgundy skinny jeans

To achieve a refreshing and relaxing look, here is an outfit that can do just that and, most importantly, it is very easy to pull off. For the top, wear a relaxed fit white sweater with a grey and white plaid scarf. Pair them with burgundy jeans and a pair of grey suede open toe ankle boots to complete the outfit with a feminine touch.

Wear with White Print Tee & Black Blazer

white print tee black blazer

To achieve a stylish and casual look, you can make use of a white print tee. And as many of you may already know, wearing a print tee with a black slim fit blazer can usually make you look lean and smart. Pair these pieces with burgundy skinny jeans and black suede ankle boots to look deep and elegant.

Burgundy Jeans with Pale Yellow Shirt & Black Blazer

burgundy jeans pale yellow shirt black blazer

Here is a business casual outfit that is perfect to wear to the office. You should try this especially if you are too bored with what you are wearing to work daily. To achieve this look, wear a pale yellow button up shirt with a black blazer for the top. Pair them with burgundy skinny jeans and burgundy pointed toe heels to complete the outfit in a simple and elegant way.

Wear with Chambray Shirt & Brown Leather Jacket

chambray shirt brown leather jacket

If you are want to have some toughness and roughness in your outfit, this one may be something that you want to try. For the top, wear a chambray button up shirt with a brown leather jacket. Pair them with burgundy skinny jeans and matching pointed toe heels. The brown leather jacket should be able to provide that little toughness you are looking for.

Black Knit Sweater & Burgundy Skinny Jeans

black knit sweater burgundy skinny jeans

If you are simply looking for a very low profile outfit that still looks at least decent, you can try this minimal outfit. Simply wear a black chunky knit sweater with a pair of burgundy straight leg jeans. Pair them with black high top sneakers to add a stylish touch to the outfit.

Wear with White Tee & Short Black Leather Quilted Jacket

white tee short black leather quilted jacket

For an adorable and feminine look that is prefect for dating, you can achieve that by wear a white tee with a black short leather quilted jacket and a faux fur scarf for the top. Pair them with burgundy skinny jeans and black suede ankle boots to provide that feminine touch that would make you look more approachable.

Wear with Chambray Shirt & White Long Coat

chambray shirt white long coat

The color of burgundy is a pretty neutral color that you can also build both a ladylike outfit or a stylish outfit with it depending on what pieces and colors you throw into the mix. As an example of a tough look, you can achieve that by wearing a chambray boyfriend shirt with burgundy jeans, a white long coat and grey ankle boots.

Black and White Polka Dot Shirt with Burgundy Jeans

black and white polka dot shirt burgundy jeans

Let’s see what happen if you add some lovely pattern to the outfit. For example, you can wear a black and grey polka dot button up shirt with burgundy jeans to look unique and lovely. You can add an extra feminine touch by wearing a pair of grey suede heels.

Wear with Black Sweater & Camel Suede Ankle Boots

black sweater camel suede ankle boots

For a simple yet slightly more mature look, you can wear a black fitted sweater with a leopard print scarf. Pair them with burgundy skinny jeans and a pair of camel suede short boots to complete this elegant and simple outfit.

Burgundy Jeans with Pale Pink Ribbed Knit Cardigan

burgundy jeans pale pink ribbed knit cardigan

To create a breezy look, one way to do it is to wear an oversized cardigan. In this case, a pale pink ribbed knit belted cardigan is chosen. It is paired with a white sweater and burgundy skinny jeans. For the shoes, wear a pair of nude lace up heeled ankle boots to look more feminine and unique.

Wear with White Long Sleeve Tee & Denim Vest

white long sleeve tee denim vest

For a casual and slightly boyish look, you can wear a slightly oversized white long sleeve t shirt with a denim vest for the top. Pair them with burgundy skinny jeans and dark grey suede ankle boots to complete the outfit with depth and style.

Grey and White Wool Blazer with Burgundy Jeans

grey and white wool blazer burgundy jeans

This is a very interesting attempt to put together a grey and white wool blazer with a camo scarf. The result is surprising good looking and well matched. Complete the rest of the outfit with a white vest top, burgundy jeans and a pair of black suede ankle boots.

Burgundy Skinny Jeans with Grey Boat Neck Knit Sweater

burgundy skinny jeans grey boat neck knit sweater

If you like to dress like a minimalist, here an outfit especially for you. Simply pair the burgundy skinny jeans with a grey chunky knit sweater and black suede ankle boots. This simple outfit is going to make you stand out from the crowd in a very naturally way.

I hope you find these burgundy jeans outfit ideas useful. If you like this blog post, there is a good chance that you will find the other blog posts in this website useful as well. Let’s check them out before you leave.