How to Wear White Shrug: Ultimate Style Guide

best white shrug outfit ideas

In a previous blog post, I have talked about how the shrug is so magically that it can instantly turn an ordinary outfit into a very unique and stylish one. Today, I am going to be very specially talk about the white shrug, something that can add a refreshing and feminine touch to your outfit. To make it easy for you to see how to style it, I have put together a list of some of the best white shrug outfit ideas for you. Let’s dive in.

White Shrug with Tube Top & Skinny Jeans


White shrugs usually work really well with casual street outfits. As an example, you can wear a cotton white shrug with a tube top to look casual and low-key sexy. Pair these pieces with dark blue skinny jeans and a pair of low top black and white converse to complete the outfit in a simple and clean way.

White Mini Shrug with All-Black Outfit

white mini shrug all black outfit

If you are a fan of artistic black and white looks, here is an outfit that you may consider. To form this outfit, you can simply wear a black vest top with black skinny jeans to create an all-black base. Wear a small white shrug over the vest top to look more artistic and feminine. For the shoes, either black ballet flats and black sandals would work really well.

White and Black Printed Shrug with Vest Top & Jeans

white and black printed shrug with vest top jeans

Very similar to the previous outfit, this outfit also uses a black vest top and black skinny jeans as the base of the outfit. But this time, to look more eye catching and playful, you can wear a white shrug that comes with some stylish and interesting black printed patterns. You can also wear black leather ankle boots to add some extra style to the outfit.

White Crochet Shrug with Grey Striped Tube Top

white crochet shrug grey striped tube top

At first glance, this outfit is just another typical t shirt and jeans outfit. But if you look closely, you can see some extra depth that is provided by the black velvet pants. In details, pair the velvet pants with a grey and white striped tube top and a white crochet shrug. Wear black ballet flats to complete the outfit in a simple yet feminine way.

White Maxi Crochet Shrug with Black Top & Light Blue Jeans

white maxi crochet shrug black top light blue jeans

For a stylish layered street look, here is an outfit that I highly recommend you to try. To create this amazing outfit, you can wear a black v neck cropped t shirt with pale blue cropped skinny jeans. Wear a white maxi crochet shrug to magically turn this outfit into a super stylish one. You can make the outfit even more eye catching by wearing silver and white converse.

White Sleeveless Shrug with Color Block Details

white sleeveless shrug color block details

For a cheerful and colorful look, you can choose a beautiful and colorful sleeveless shrug that this color-blocked one. Pair it with a black scoop neck t shirt and a pair of blush straight leg cuffed jeans. For the shoes, wear white sneakers to make the outfit look more casual and sporty.

White and Black Tribal Printed Silk Shrug

white and black tribal printed silk shrug

Sometimes, it is fun to add a little bit of tribal style element to your outfit. There are many ways to do that. One way would be to wear a white and black tribal printed silk shrug. Simply pair the shrug with a black vest top and black skinny jeans to make the white shrug stand out even more. Pair them with nude sandals to match with the shrug.

White Maxi Floral Lace Shrug with Black Crop Top & Skinny Jeans

white maxi floral lace shrug black crop top skinny jeans

In most cases, wearing black with white would create a stylish and artistic look. This time, it is more of a feminine and low-key sexy look. To achieve this look, you can wear a black crop top with a pair of black skinny jeans. Layer a white crochet maxi shrug over the pieces. Finally, wear a pair of white ankle strap open toe heels to add a feminine and refreshing touch to the overall look.

White Semi-Sheer Long Sleeve Chiffon Shrug

white semi sheer long sleeve chiffon shrug

Here is a very feminine and elegant outfit thanks to the white semi-sheer chiffon shrug. You can pair it with a white chiffon top and black skinny jeans to form a ladylike outfit that looks attractive and dreamy. For the shoes, I would recommend you to wear white sandals to keep the refreshing look consistent.

White Maxi Floral Shrug with Denim Mini Skirt

white maxi floral shrug denim mini skirt

To achieve a youthful and stylish layered look, you can wear a long white floral shrug over a black t shirt and a nifty denim button front mini skirt. Notice that the black t shirt is a long sleeve one while the white shrug is a three quarter sleeve one, so that the sleeves of the black tee can peek out to create the stylish layers. Simply wear white sneakers to complete the outfit.

Sleeveless White Mesh Shrug with Ripped Jeans

sleeveless white mesh shrug ripped jeans

Here is an outfit that looks both stylish and low-key sexy. Looking sexy doesn’t always mean that you have to show some skin, wearing something semi-sheer like this white sleeveless maxi mesh shrug also works. Pair the shrug is a white vest top, boyfriend jeans and white sneaker to provide a stylish and casual touch.

Wear with White Tee & Blue Jeans

white vest top blue jeans

Very similar to the previous outfit, but this time, the shrug is a small white three-quarter sleeve shrug that allows the white long sleeve t shirt’s sleeves to peek out. Complete the outfit with blue jeans and white sneakers to look simple and casual.

Wear with Black Shift Midi Dress

black shift midi dress

For a simple and ladylike look, you can simply wear a white shrug with a black midi shift dress. Pair the outfit with silver heels to look just a little more shiny if you are wearing this outfit for a cocktail party.

White Midi Shrug with Pale Yellow Mini Sheath Dress

white midi shrug pale yellow mini sheath dress

For a refreshing layered look, you can simply wear a pale yellow mini dress with a white long shrug. Complete the outfit with pale pink open toe leather shoes to make the outfit even more feminine.

Here are the white shrug outfit ideas that I want to share you. You should be able to see how good they are in terms of instantly making your ordinary outfits look more ladylike and beautiful. I highly recommend you to try these outfits. You may be able to find a few of them that fit you perfectly.