14 Best Outfit Ideas on How to Wear Chiffon Blazer

best chiffon blazer outfit ideas

A blazer can often add a smart and tough feel to your outfit. That’s why it is a good idea to wear a blazer as part of your work outfit. It can make you look like a professional working woman with a tough mindset. But for some of you, it may not match your character too well if you don’t have that toughness in your character. No worries, you can tone down your look by wearing something slightly more feminine: the chiffon blazer. However, styling a chiffon blazer is not as straight forward as styling a typical blazer. Because of that, I have put together some of the best chiffon blazer outfit ideas for you to use as reference. Let’s check them out now.

White Chiffon Blazer with Black Top & Yellow Shorts


I am going to start off the list with some bright colors just to get your attention. For the top, wear a black t shirt with a white chiffon blazer. Pair them with lemon yellow shorts and white heels. This outfit isn’t really suitable to wear to most workplace unless you are working in a silicon valley kind of environment. To make it appropriate for most workplace, replace the yellow shorts with longer white shorts or a white skirt.

Maxi Chiffon Blazer with White Vest Top & Jeans

maxi chiffon blazer white vest top jeans

This outfit is a stylish street outfit that can be wore for casual hangouts. Simply wear a white vest top with jeans and grey suede heels. Then layer the grey maxi chiffon blazer over all the pieces.

Black Oversized Chiffon Blazer with White Tee & Skirt

black oversized chiffon blazer white t shirt

This is an outfit idea that involves an oversized blazer. Don’t get fooled by the name and think that an oversized blazer can cover up an overweighted body. An oversized blazer actually looks better for skinny people and they will likely look clunky for others. To achieve this stylish look, simply wear a white print tee and a white skirt with a black oversized chiffon blazer.

White Chiffon Blazer with Black Tank Top & Skinny Jeans

white chiffon blazer black tank top outfit

One way to style a chiffon blazer casually is to do it as if you are styling a typical blazer. As an example of that, wear a white chiffon blazer with a black tank top, skinny jeans and black heels. The chiffon blazer still adds that smart feel to the outfit like a typical blazer does, but it also adds a feminine touch to the look.

Pink Blazer with Grey Vest Top & Silver Shorts

pink chiffon blazer silver shorts

For an eye catching summer look, you can wear this outfit that uses some wild colors. Wear a grey vest top with a pink chiffon blazer and silver shorts. For the shoes, I would recommend you to wear either white heels or pale pink heels.

White Chiffon Blazer with Cream Lace Rompers

white chiffon blazer cream lace rompers

This outfit has the perfect balance of elegance and smartness. The cream lace rompers look already really nice if you simply pair them with nude heels. The white chiffon blazer just adds some more depth to the outfit and turns this casual outfit into a business casual outfit.

White Half Sleeve Blazer with Red Leather Leggings

white half sleeve chiffon blazer red leather leggings

For a form fitting look, you can wear a grey t shirt and a white, half sleeve, slim fit chiffon blazer for the top. Complete the outfit with red leather leggings and pale pink heels.

White Sleeveless Chiffon Blazer with Vest Top & Shorts

white sleeveless chiffon blazer vest top shorts

There is actually something called the sleeveless blazer. You may interpret it as a vest. But it doesn’t matter what you call it. Let’s see how you can style it. For the top, wear a white vest top over a yellow vest top so that a little bit of yellow can peak out. Layer the white sleeveless chiffon blazer over the white vest top. Complete the outfit with white denim shorts and open-toe heels.

Green Blazer with Grey Vest Top & Denim Shorts

green chiffon blazer grey vest top denim shorts

You can also use a chiffon blazer to pair with a sexy vest top to create that now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t effect. Some may consider this actually more sexy looking than without the blazer. To achieve the look, wear a grey scoop neck vest top with a green chiffon blazer. Wear denim shorts and heeled sandals to complete the outfit.

Long Pale Yellow Chiffon Blazer with Semi-sheer Shirt Dress

long pale yellow chiffon blazer sheer shirt dress

This is a very beautiful and feminine chiffon on chiffon outfit. Simply wear a white semi-sheer shirt dress with a long pale yellow chiffon blazer. Nude heels would be the perfect choice for the shoes. It is amazing how two simple pieces like that can create such a remarkable look.

White Blazer with Black Vest Top & Jeans

white blazer jeans outfit

If you still want to achieve that slightly tough look that can be created with a typical blazer, you can do that by wearing form fitting items as demonstrated with this outfit idea. For the top, wear a form-fitting black vest top with a slim fit white chiffon blazer. For the bottom, wear skinny jeans and black heels.

Pale Pink Chiffon Blazer with Black Skinny Jeans

pale pink chiffon blazer black skinny jeans

Here is a good work outfit that quite comfortable to wear as a business casual outfit. Simple wear a white v neck t shirt and a pale pink chiffon blazer with black skinny jean and pale pink heels.

Black Half Sleeve Blazer with Cream Top & Light Grey Pants

black half sleeve blazer cream top grey pants

For an adorable and sweet look, you can wear a black half-sleeve chiffon blazer over a cream top. Pair these pieces with light grey chinos and nude heels. By the way, if you are interested in finding out more outfit ideas of similar pants, you may want to take a look at our blog post on how to style grey chinos.

Two-piece Set of Green Chiffon Blazer & Shorts

two piece set green chiffon blazer shorts

You may also want to consider just getting a two-piece set that consists of a green chiffon blazer and matching shorts. Then you can simply wear the set with a white t shirt and nude heels.

Hopefully you would enjoy the list of chiffon blazer outfit ideas that I have just shared with you. Go ahead and try some of them to add a slight feminine touch to your relatively serious work outfits.