How to Wear Flutter Sleeve Top: 15 Best Outfits

best flutter sleeve top outfits

For those of you who like to try different outfits of different styles. You should have noticed that, sometimes, it is the little details that separated a good looking outfit from a great looking outfit. The flutter sleeve top is such a good demonstration for this theory. When a typical top has the flutter sleeves, it immediately becomes more elegant and more eye catching. For this blog post, I have collected some of the best flutter sleeve top outfit ideas and I am going to share the list with you right now.

Sky Blue Cold Shoulder Flutter Sleeve Top


I am going to start off the list with a little surprise by sharing with you this low-key sexy top. It is a sky blue linen cold shoulder flutter sleeve top. The cold shoulder design very naturally leads to the flutter sleeve cutting, making the dress looks so breezy and lovely. Pair the top with white skinny jeans and nude sandals to complete this minimal and beautiful outfit.

Grey Flutter Sleeve Top with White Chinos

grey flutter sleeve top white chinos

Sometimes, the fabric can make a world of difference. This nifty grey flutter sleeve top is made of chiffon. If it is made of cotton, it would have looked very similar to a t shirt and the shape of the flutter sleeves would not be as sharp and clear. Pair the top with white chinos and cheetah pointed toe heels to achieve a creative and great looking business casual outfit.

Blue and White Striped Flutter Sleeve Blouse with Skinny Jeans

blue and white striped flutter sleeve blouse skinny jeans

This outfit is perfect to wear when you go shopping or casual hangouts. It is as comfortable to wear as a typical casual outfit like the t shirt and jeans combination, but this outfit definitely looks more unique and stylish. To achieve this cool look, wear a blue adn white striped flutter sleeve blouse with skinny jeans and nude sandals. Wear a beige felt hat to add an artistic touch to the look.

Olive Green Flutter Sleeve Button Up Blouse

olive green flutter sleeve button up blouse

For those of you who are a little bored with your usual work outfits, here is a good outfit idea that you probably haven’t tried before. Wear a olive green chiffon flutter sleeve blouse with ivory beige dress pants and pale pink heels to achieve this smart looking and elegant look.

White Chiffon Blouse with Rose Gold Pencil Skirt

white chiffon blouse rose gold pencil skirt

If wearing a standard button up shirt is not a must for your workplace, a chiffon blouse is usually something that I would recommend you to wear more, as it is such a versatile piece that you style in a lot of different ways. For this white chiffon flutter sleeve blouse, you can simply pair it with a pencil skirt and pale pink heels to achieve a refreshing and smart look. This particular pencil skirt is a very unique rose gold skirt which makes the outfit much more interesting.

Pale Pink Flutter Sleeve Chiffon Blouse with White Flare Pants

pale pink flutter sleeve chiffon blouse white flare pants

Usually, an outfit that involves a baseball cap is a tee and jeans outfit that looks super casual and stylish. This one is an interesting exception. The white baseball cap is paired with a pale pink flutter sleeve chiffon blouse, white flare cropped pants and black and white printed loafers.

White Top with Blue Silk Scarf

white top blue silk scarf

For a casual spring look, you can wear a white flutter sleeve top with mom jeans and pale pink heels. Wear a blue floral silk scarf to add a feminine touch to the outfit.

White Ruffle Top with Cuffed Skinny Jeans

white ruffle top cuffed skinny jeans

This white top and jeans look is a very typical and timeless look that fits the spring and the summer perfectly. In this case, it is a white flutter sleeve ruffle top with a pair of cuffed skinny jeans. For the shoes, you can either wear white sneakers for a more casual look or brown sandals for a more feminine look.

Black Chiffon Floral Flutter Sleeve Crop Top with Denim Shorts

black chiffon floral flutter sleeve crop top denim shorts

Let’s move on to a beautiful summer look. Wear a black floral flutter sleeve crop top with high waisted denim shorts and nude heels to create a low-key sexy look. The chiffon top looks so breezy and it makes this outfit so much more elegant than a typical crop top outfit.

White Top with High Waisted Light Blue Pencil Skirt

white top high waisted light blue pencil skirt

Here is an outfit that would likely make you look taller and slimmer. It consists of a white flutter sleeve top, a high waisted light blue pencil skirt, and a pair of pink ankle strap open toe heels. The high waisted skirt could visually move up your waistline, making you look leaner.

Blush Pink Lace Up Flutter Sleeve Top

blush pink lace up flutter sleeve top

It is very interesting see how it looks when you put a ladylike color with a stylish outfit. In this example, it is a blush pink criss cross front flutter sleeve top that is put together with ripped denim shorts. The result actually looks great. If you like to make the outfit look more casual, you can simply pair it with white sneakers. Or you can wear a pair of nude boho style strappy sandals to make this outfit more ladylike.

White Chiffon Top with Black Skinny Pants

white chiffon top black skinny pants

If you are one of those people who like to stick to the white shirt black pants outfit as your go-to work outfit, here is a slight variation that can spice up your outfit game a little bit. Instead of wearing a white button up shirt, try this white chiffon flutter sleeve top. The look would still look profession enough but now, there is an extra feminine and lovely touch.

Black Floral Flutter Sleeve Top with Denim Shorts

black floral flutter sleeve top denim shorts

Now, let’s go back to some breezy and casual summer looks. Wear a black floral flutter sleeve top with ripped denim shorts and white sneakers to achieve a casual look that has a feminine touch.

Black Scoop Neck Crop Top with Denim Shorts

black scoop neck crop top denim shorts

For a stylish and low-key sexy look, you can pair the denim shorts with a black scoop neck crop top. For the shoes, you can wear white sneakers or pale pink sandals.

Ivory Flutter Sleeve Top with High Waisted Navy Shorts

ivory flutter sleeve top high waisted navy shorts

For a more elegant summer outfit that you can wear to work, wear an ivory flutter sleeve top with navy shorts. Complete the outfit elegantly with black ankle strap open toe heels.

So, here are the flutter sleeve top outfit ideas that I want to you. All of the outfits mentioned are very easy to pull off. Try them on and see how they fit you.