How to Wear Black Peplum Dress: 15 Best Outfit Ideas

black peplum dress outfit ideas

What I love most about the black peplum dress is that it has that little beautiful detail at the waist area that makes the dress look more elegant. What I mean exactly is that you can wear a very ordinary black peplum dress (not backless, not deep v neck) to a prom and you are not going to look underdressed. Another advantage of wearing the black peplum dress is that it can help cover up the love handle. In order to help you look the best, I have put together some of the best black peplum dress outfit ideas in a list. Let’s check them out now.

Black Sleeveless Peplum Pencil Dress


Here is a very typical black peplum pencil dress. You are not going to look crazily eye catching with this. But it does make you look good low key. You can simply wear it with black open toe heels. This outfit is so versatile that you can wear it for work or for parties.

Black Deep V Neck Peplum Bodycon Mini Dress

black deep v neck peplum bodycon mini dress

The dress, on the other hand, is a much sexier one. It is a black deep v neck peplum mini dress. To achieve a super chic look that is suitable for girls’ night out, you can wear the dress with red heels and a faux fur statement necklace.

Black Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Bodycon Dress

black strapless sweetheart neckline bodycon dress

Here is another dress that can make you look really sexy. This time, it is a strapless sweetheart neckline bodycon dress. To add a little bit of extra style to the outfit, wear the dress with a pair of gold and black heels and a stylish black choker necklace.

Black Semi Sheer Collar and Sleeve Mini Dress

black semi sheer collar and sleeve mini dress

This black mini dress is actually very similar to the previous one. But for this dress, it has an additional mesh overlay that covers the collar and the sleeves area. You can simply wear the dress with black suede heels to complete this minimal and low-key sexy look.

Deep V Neck Peplum Mini Dress with Mesh Overlay

deep v neck peplum mini dress mesh overlay

This one is an extremely sexy dress. It is a black deep v neck mini dress with a semi-sheer mesh overlay that covers the deep v neck slit. Since this is already a dress that demands a lot of attention, the best way to style is to simply wear either silver heels or black heels with the dress. No accessories needed.

Knee Length Peplum Dress with Black Ankle Strap Heels

knee length peplum dress black ankle strap heels

Here is just an ordinary knee length black peplum dress. The reason I want to put this outfit here is that I want to show you how a normal peplum dress like this is already elegant enough to be worn for a prom or a formal event. All you have to do it to wear the dress with black ankle strap open toe heels.

Black Deep V Neck Ruffle Peplum Midi Dress

black deep v ruffle tulle midi dress

There are times when I see a deep v neck dress, I wish that it has some beautiful and elegant details to balance out the super sexy cutting. This dress may just demonstrates what I want to see in a sexy dress. It is a black deep v neck peplum midi dress that has a beautiful detail in the semi-sheer crochet hem. You can wear the black dress with nude heeled sandals to complete this amazing look.

Black Floral Cute Dress

black floral cute dress

This is such a cute black floral peplum dress. I love the little patterns that look lovely but not silly. If wearing heels is not a must for you, I would strongly recommend you to wear black ballet flats to add an extra adorable touch to the outfit.

Black Leather Peplum Midi Bodycon Dress

black leather peplum midi bodycon dress

If you are looking for a more stylish and darker version of peplum dresses, here is a black leather peplum midi dress that may do just that. Simply pair it with black pointed toe heels to complete the all-black stylish look.

Black Belted Peplum Pencil Dress

black belted peplum pencil dress

For those of you who are fans of beautiful little details, here is a black peplum pencil dress that comes with a nifty narrow black belt. This cutting of this dress make it a professional looking outfit that is perfect to wear for work. It is best to keep the outfit simple by wearing the dress with black ankle strap open toe heels. For more outfit ideas that involve similar shoes, you may want to check out our blog post on how to wear black ankle strap heels.

One Shoulder Peplum Mini Dress

one shoulder peplum mini dress

This is a really short and skinny-fit dress that is quite difficult to pull off. You probably need to put a lot of effort into getting yourself in shape to look good with this dress. This dress also has a very stylish and sexy one-shoulder cutting. Pair the dress with white heels to create an intense contrast to make the outfit even more eye catching.

Black Velvet Bodycon Peplum Dress

black velvet bodycon peplum dress

If you are looking for a little bit of extra depth, you may want to choose a black bodycon peplum dress that is made of velvet. Also, even though the dress is not a deep v neck dress or a backless dress, the skinny fit cutting does make your curves look very obvious and make you look sexy. Wearing it with stocking and black heels to add an elegant touch.

Wear with Black and White Striped Blazer

black and white striped blazer

Here is a creative way to style a black peplum dress. Wear the dress with a black and white striped blazer and black heels to achieve a professional and creative look.

Black Knee Length Dress with Pink Open Toe Heels

black knee length dress pink open toe heels

You can wear a black peplum dress casually. Here is a casual street outfit that consists of a black knee length peplum dress and a pair of pink open toe heels.

Black Peplum Fishtail Midi Dress

black peplum fishtail midi dress

For a stylish and sexy look, wear a black peplum midi fishtail high split dress. To add some extra style, wear black suede ankle strap heels and a black choker.

So, here are the beautiful and interesting list of black peplum dress outfit ideas that I want to share with you. I hope you enjoy reading it. Before you leave, check out thousands of more outfit ideas in this website.