How to Wear Low Back Dress: 15 Amazing Outfit Ideas

best low back dress outfit ideas

If you want to look sexy in a prom or a cocktail, deep v neck dresses are not your only choice. You can also wear choose to show you back instead by either wearing a backless dress or a low back dress. In this blog post, I am going to talk about how to style the low back dress to make you stand out in a prom. To help you get off to a good start, I have put together some of the best low back dress outfit ideas. Let’s dive right in.

White Long Sleeve Low Back Shift Dress


To start off this list, I am going to show you a dress that can be worn casually and is perfect for girls’ night out and dating. It is a white long sleeve low back shift dress that is adorable and low-key sexy. To complete the outfit, wear nude heeled sandals to add an extra touch of elegance.

Blue Ruffle Sleeve Low Back Two-Piece Dress

blue ruffle sleeve low back two piece dress

For a girl-next-door lovely look with a slight touch of sexiness, you may want to consider wearing this wonderful blue dress. This dress is a two-piece dress, with the top part being a ruffle-sleeve low back top and the bottom part being a flare breezy midi skirt. The best shoes for this outfit is the ones that have the exact same color as the dress. If that’s not available, a pair of pale pink heels would also work wonderfully.

White Halter Low Back Mini Dress

white halter low back mini dress

For an extremely sexy outfit that is perfect to wear for your vacation. wear a white halter mini dress that has a low back cutting. The softness in the fabric also contributes a lot to the sexiness of the outfit. You can simply pair the white dress with white open toe heels to complete the outfit.

White Low Back Bodycon Midi Dress

white low back bodycon midi dress

For those of you who have a beautiful back and don’t mind doing some showing off in your neck cocktail party, here is a white low back midi dress that would show almost your entire back. Not only that, the dress is also a skinny fit one that would definitely show the curves of you body. To complete this outfit with elegance, wear a pair of white ankle strap open toe heels.

Black Low Back Long Mermaid Dress

black low back long mermaid dress

A mermaid dress can make you look very elegant and can make you really stand out from the crowd in a prom. If you add a low back cutting to the mermaid dress, the effect would multiply. You can simply wear the dress with silver open toe heels and you are ready to go.

Black Sequin Bodycon Mini Dress

black sequin bodycon mini dress

If you are a fan of “bling bling”, but you just don’t like to wear gold and silver, you may want to wear a black sequin dress for the next party you are going to. The black sequin dress has that extra depth in it. Now, this particular dress is even more gorgeous. It is a bodycon mini dress that has a sexy low back cutting in it.

Royal Blue Bodycon Flare Maxi Dress

royal blue bodycon flare maxi dress

This royal blue dress is another dress that is prefect for proms and cocktail parties. It is a bodycon maxi dress that comes with a low back cutting. Not only the cutting that makes you look amazing, the royal blue color is also making you differentiate from the rest of party guests.

Red High Split Breezy Maxi Dress

red high split breezy maxi dress

For a breezy look that simple demands attention, this red low back breezy maxi dress would be the perfect choice. I can imagine that this would be a great dress to wear for an outdoor photoshoot.

Lemon Yellow Low Back Pleated Mini Dress

lemon yellow low back pleated mini dress

I sometimes feel that I am not mentioning yellow dresses enough. It is obviously that the black and the white are much more popular colors, but the yellow one can make you look so cheerful. We should wear that more as happiness should be taken more seriously. Being able to stay at a happy state even when you are struggling should be a skill that we all learn. Back to this outfit idea, you can wear this lemon yellow low back skater dress with white heels to achieve a remarkable look that can melt others’ hearts.

Red Criss Cross Back Scalloped Hem Skater Dress

red criss cross back scalloped hem skater dress

Here is a seemingly simple dress that has some beautiful details. It is a red criss cross back skater dress that has the nifty scalloped hem. Complete the outfit with pale pink heeled sandals for a beautiful and minimal look.

White Pleated Mini Dress with Floral Patterned Lace

white pleated mini dress floral patterned lace

This dress can either be worn in a cocktail party or for a wedding photoshoot. It is a cute white pleated mini dress that has some floral elements in the lace upper part. Simple pair the dress with white heels to complete the outfit.

Black Low Back High Split Maxi Dress

black low back high split maxi dress

Black has been the most popular color for cocktail dress for a long, long time and there must be reasons for that. For one, black simply has a lot of depth and there is a high chance that you would look good in a black dress than in any other colors. Take this black low back maxi dress for example. It simply make you look beautiful and deep. You can simply wear black open toe heels to complete this outfit. But even better, add a silver choker necklace to add some extra style to the overall look.

White Half-Sleeve Printed Shift Dress

white half sleeve printed shift dress

Up to this point, I have only talked about solid-colored dresses, let’s look at one that is a printed dress and see how it goes with a low back cutting. By looking at this white half-sleeve printed dress, it looks like the the low back cutting works wonderfully for printed dress as well. I would recommend you to wear a pair of nude boho style heeled sandals to match with this stylish dress.

Gold Low Back Sequin Mini Dress

gold low back sequin mini dress

If you want to simply grab people’s attention by brute forcing, here is a gold low back bodycon dress that can help you do just that. For the shoes, there is no better choice than the gold heels.

Black Breezy High Split Dress with White Sneakers

black breezy high split dress white sneakers

A black low back dress can be worn as a casual outfit. For example, you can wear this maxi high split dress with white sneakers for an absolutely breezy look.

For those of you who would like to try dressing in a sexy way for your next prom or your next party. Try starting with a dress that has a low back cutting that only shows around one third of your back. It is always a good idea to push yourself a little forward at a time. Big improvement overnight is often overrated. Before you leave, you may want to check out other thousands of outfit ideas we have on this website. Have fun styling.