Red Mermaid Dress: 14 Elegant Outfit Ideas

red mermaid dress classic

When it comes to elegant dresses, some kinds are not so flattering to everybody. If you are wondering which are the dresses that you need to choose carefully, then scroll down to see how to wear red mermaid dress.
Mermaid dresses are beautiful looking, elegant so glamorous. But if you decide to wear them, you really need to carefully choose how you will style it and to see if it fits your body line. They are designed very fit and flare to your body. That means they cling to your body to your knees. From your knees, they flare out to the hem of your dress. That is how they got their name.

Red mermaid dress looks very elegant and sophisticated. The red color is exclusive and very glamorous. The cut of the dress makes you stand out from the crowd.
I have rounded up some of the best red mermaid dresses that you can style for your prom, wedding, or any other formal occasion.
Let’s see what I have found.

Open Bodice Red Mermaid Dress

red mermaid dress open back
This red mermaid dress is a perfect one for the proms or weddings. The bodice of the dress is open, so you can put on some massive necklace or some earrings to decorate your outfit.
The dress has maxi length, so it is looking very sophisticated. Wear with black sandals or stilettos.

Red Carpet Look

red mermaid dress nina dobrev
Actress Nina Dobrev looks fantastic in red mermaid dress! She loves red colors, and it suits her! She put on a massive silver necklace and a silver clutch. The dress has a big ruffle on the bottom part, which gives a mermaid part a significant volume. You can have this red carpet look too!

Sleeveless Red Off-The-Shoulder Mermaid Dress

red mermaid dress off the shoulder
This red mermaid dress looks youngish, and it is prom-ready to wear! I think that every girl should wear bright colors to their proms, and this one is a great example. You can nail this outfit too. All you need to do is to pair your red dress with some simple jewelry and comfortable shoes-sandals or stilettos.

Classic Red Mermaid Dress

red mermaid dress classic
On the other hand, if you wish to look trendy, yet appropriate and classy you can choose this dress. The bodice is closet and with short sleeves. The rest of the dress is classic, and it is left to be simple. You can wear this for elegant occasions like cocktail parties or weddings.

Bridesmaids Mermaids

red mermaid dress bridesmaid
Let’s say you soon have a wedding and you have decided for a party to be the red themed. So, why don’t you suggest your bridesmaids wear red mermaid dresses? They look adorable and very elegant. They can choose between lace or silk, and between different bodice and neckline.

V-neck Red Mermaid Dress

red mermaid dress v neck
When you need a classy, yet sexy dress, then you should try something like this. This red mermaid dress is an excellent choice when you need a provocative yet appropriate outfit. You can style it for some special occasions with super high heels or strappy sandals.

Lace Straps Red Mermaid Dress

red mermaid dress lace straps
This model is one of those classy ones that you can wear for multiple occasions and several times. This red mermaid dress looks very polished and it has clean lines. The lace straps are very delicate and sophisticated details that give this dress really elegant vibe.

Red Lace Mermaid Dress

red mermaid dress lace
Is there anything better than delicate lace that this dress is made of? This red mermaid dress is really something special, and that is why you should reserve it for special occasions only.
The bodice is also made of lace, and that is why you shouldn’t put any jewelry or strong makeup.

Wholly Lace Red Mermaid Dress

red mermaid dress lace sleeve
Another, yet different lace red mermaid dress. Lace is very flattering and very elegant looking. You can always count on red mermaid dress that is made of lace when you need and sophisticated and stylish outfit. You can pair this dress with gold clutch bag and metallic strappy sandals.

Open Back Red Mermaid Dress

red mermaid dress open back
Open back dresses are sexy and beautiful. However, you should try to look not over-the-line provocative. With that dress, you don’t have to think about it. This red mermaid dress is elegant enough itself, that open back just add a nice glamorous touch to the whole outfit.

Off-The-Shoulders Lace Dress

red mermaid dress lace off the shoulders
Buttoned back and delicate lace remind me of some vintage garments. If you like that style also, you should consider wearing a dress like this. Long and mermaid hem is wonderfully looking. You can style it with some cute retro shoes and fabulous jewelry.

Silk Cowl-Neck Red Mermaid Dress

red mermaid dress cowl neck
If you are not interested in these super elegant models, I have prepared something else for you. This dress is super modern, and it is made of silk. The mermaid hem is not very highlighted so you can wear this dress even for the less elegant occasions. This dress is perfect to pair with gold or silver details.

Sparkly Neckline Red Mermaid Dress

red mermaid dress halter neckline
This dress is exquisite and flattering to your body shape. The interesting detail on this dress is its sparkly halter neckline. It looks attractive but also very sophisticated. This dress is perfect for girls looking for prom or bridesmaid dress. Pair it with beautiful silver earrings or bracelet.

Satin V-neck Red Mermaid Dress

red mermaid dress satin
The crisscrossed neckline and the satin-made dress is perfect for elegant occasions. If you like to keep your outfits low key, then you should definitely try this red mermaid dress.
This dress is an excellent choice when it comes to wedding season. With right jewelry and some super high heeled shoes, you will nail this look!

As you can see, red mermaid dress is really an exceptional garment. You should be careful though. It is looking very nice, but you need to know yourself and your body line. These dresses don’t need many details. If they are made of lace, you can easily go without any jewelry.
I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article. If you did, then make sure to check out all other outfit ideas that we have prepared for you!