How to Wear Orange Jacket: 15 Cheerful Outfit Ideas for Ladies

There are some colors that are more popular when it comes to jacket design. If you just look on the street, I am sure that most of the jackets you will see are in black, white, pink and blue. However, there are other beautiful colors that can make you look good too. If you know how to use the less popular colors, you can very easily stand out from the crowd. Today, I am going to talk about a less popular item and it is the orange jacket, including the leather jacket, the bomber jacket and the blazer, etc. To better show you how to style it, I have collected some really good orange jacket outfit ideas for you. Let’s jump right in.

Orange Leather Jacket with Grey T Shirt & Black Skinny Jeans


Orange is a color that can very naturally make you stand out. Styling it isn’t as tough as it may sound. You can actually wear it as a black jacket and you will usually end up with some good results. For example, to achieve this look, you can wear a grey t shirt with an orange leather jacket. Pair them with black skinny jeans and black leather heeled ankle boots to look super cool.

Orange Long Blazer with White and Black Printed Button Up Shirt

orange long blazer with white and black printed button up shirt

To achieve a stylish and unique business casual look, you can wear a black and white printed button up shirt with an orange long blazer. Pair them with a pair of high waisted black cropped chinos. For the shoes, wear black ballet heels to look elegant and simple.

Orange Long Blazer with White Vest Top & Wide Leg Mom Jeans

orange long blazer with white vest top and wide leg mom jeans

To achieve this business casual outfit tilts pretty heavily towards the casual side, you can wear an orange longline blazer with a white vest top. Very interestingly, wear a pair of blue mom jeans that has a wide leg and cropped cutting. Wear silver ribbon flats to complete the look.

Orange Blazer with Blue Chambray Shirt & Black Mini Skirt

orange blazer with blue chambray shirt and black mini skirt

This is a very color business casual outfit that may be cheerful looking enough to give you some energy boost. For the top, wear an orange blazer with a blue chambray button up shirt. Pair them with a black mini bodycon skirt. Wear orange suede open toe heels and royal blue leather clutch bag to look super eye catching.

Orange Leather Jacket with Checkered Blouse & Silver Pleated Skirt

orange leather jacket with checkered blouse and silver pleated skirt

This is a super chic look that will be perfect to wear both for work and for hangouts. To achieve this amazing look you can wear a black and white checkered top with an orange leather jacket for the top. Pair them with a silver pleated midi flared skirt. Wear black leather ankle boots to add an extra stylish touch to the outfit.

Orange Bomber Jacket with Boyfriend Jeans

orange bomber jacket with boyfriend jeans

This is very casual outfit that you may want to wear when you simply want to go to close friend’s home or go grocery shopping. To achieve this look, you can wear a white tee with an orange bomber jacket. Pair them with blue ripped boyfriend jeans and a pair of white loafers.

Quilted Short Jacket with Black Turtleneck Top & Running Tights

quilted short jacket with black turtleneck top and running tights

To form this lean and tall look, the trick is to wear a very short jacket to visually move up your waistline. For example, you can wear this orange quilted short jacket over a black turtleneck top. Pair them with black running tights and grey low top sneakers to look more sporty and youthful.

Orange Blazer with Blush Oversized Button Up Shirt

orange blazer with blush oversized button up shirt

Orange and blush pink are colors that may not seem to work well together on paper, but this picture above should be sufficient to prove that wrong. To form this creatively designed and beautiful outfit, you can wear a pink button up shirt with an orange blazer. Pair them with black skinny jeans and white high heels to look simple and elegant.

Orange Half Sleeve Blazer with White Top & Dark Blue Flared Jeans

orange half sleeve blazer with white top and dark blue flared jeans

This outfit somehow looks different from the ones mentioned above. The unique part is actually the flared jeans. In detail, to form this smart looking outfit, you can wear an orange half sleeve blazer with a white t shirt. Pair them with dark blue flared jeans and pink pointed toe heels.

Blazer with White Chiffon V Neck Blouse & Cuffed Boyfriend Jeans

blazer with white chiffon v neck blouse and cuffed boyfriend jeans

Now, let’s look at what happen when you put together a ladylike piece like the chiffon blouse with a stylish item like the pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. As you can see from the picture, the result is nice and stylish. Pair them with an orange blazer and pale pink strappy heeled sandals to look cheerful and refreshing.

Orange Blazer with White Deep V Neck Vest Top & Boyfriend Jeans

orange blazer with white deep v neck vest top and boyfriend jeans

Very similar to the previous outfit, but this time, this outfit takes it to another level in terms of the level of sexiness. To look sexy and smart at the same time, you can wear a white deep v neck vest top with an orange blazer. Pair them with blue cuffed and ripped boyfriend jeans and black heels to look stylish.

Blazer with Grey and Black Polka Dot Knit Sweater

blazer with grey and black polka dot knit sweater

Without the orange blazer, this is actually a pretty low-profile outfit that consists of a dark grey and black polka dot sweater and a pair of black cropped pants. With the orange blazer and the black ballet ribbon flats, the outfit is very eye catching and attractive.

Wear with White Chiffon Blouse & Dark Blue Skinny Jeans

white chiffon blouse and dark blue skinny jeans

This is a very interesting outfit that is especially for those of you who don’t have to follow a strict dress code. For the top, wear a white chiffon blouse with an orange blazer. Pair them with dark blue ripped skinny jeans and black suede ankle boots to complete the look.

Orange Blazer Jacket with White Ruffle Blouse & Black Mini Leather Skirt

orange blazer jacket with white ruffle blouse and black mini leather skirt

To achieve this stylish and beautiful business casual look, you can wear an orange blazer with a white ruffle blouse for the top. Pair these pieces with a black mini leather skirt and black pointed toe heels to complete this unique and attractive look.

I hope you like the orange jacket outfit ideas that I have just shared with you. For those of you who used to be hesitant about wearing orange items, hopefully this above list can help get you started and help expand your outfit game.