15 Stunning Metallic Jacket Outfit Ideas for Women

Today, I am going to talk about the metallic jacket, something that can make you look stunning and stylish when you pair it with the right pieces. This is a blog post that covers a wide range of different types of jackets, including blazers, bomber jackets, leather jackets and down jackets. I understand that the metallic jacket can look a little too exaggerated and it is definitely not something that you want to wear daily. On the other hand, it is a lot of fun to wear it every now and then. To make it easier for you to style it, I have collected some of the best metallic jacket outfit ideas for you. Let’s check them out now.

Silver Metallic Jacket with Striped Sweater & Skinny Jeans


While a metallic jacket may seem very difficult to style on paper, it is actually not that challenging. For example, one of the easiest way to style a silver metallic blazer jacket is to treat is like a black one. Simply wear it with a white, grey and black striped sweater for the top. Pair them with blue cuffed skinny jeans and black pointed toe heels to complete this cool business casual look.

Gold Metallic Bomber Jacket with White Print Tee

gold metallic bomber jacket with white print tee

Here is another tip for styling a metallic jacket casually. First of all, to look casual, a very good option is to choose a gold metallic bomber jacket instead of a blazer or a leather jacket. Pair the jacket with white print tee and black skinny jeans. Wear black open toe ankle leather boots to add some extra style.

Gold Metallic Blazer Jacket with White Knee Length Skirt

gold metallic blazer jacket with white knee length skirt

To look classy and powerful for work, here is an outfit that you may want to try. This is especially suitable for those of you who like to power dress. To form this outfit, wear a gold metallic blazer with a green button up shirt and a white pencil skirt. Wear black ballet heels to complete the look cleanly and elegantly.

Bronze Metallic Wrap Short Jacket with Blue Striped Boyfriend Shirt

bronze metallic wrap short jacket with blue striped boyfriend shirt

To achieve this stylish layered look, you can wear a light blue and white vertical striped boyfriend shirt and layer a bronze short metallic jacket over it. Wear grey ripped straight leg cuffed jeans and a pair of black leather loafers to look stylish and slightly unisex.

Silver Metallic Jacket with Black Shift Mini Dress

silver metallic jacket with black shift mini dress

To look cool and shiny, one very nice color combination to use is the black and silver combination. To apply it stylishly to your outfit, you can wear a black mini shift dress with a silver metallic blazer. Pair them with black leggings and black suede lace up heeled boots to complete this simple yet amazing look.

Silver and Black Metallic Bomber Jacket with White Sneakers

silver and black metallic bomber jacket with white sneakers

This is a pretty cool street look. The jacket here is a silver and black metallic oversized bomber jacket. To be more accurate, it is actually a baseball jacket too. Pair it with a black print tee and black skinny jeans. Wear white sneakers to look sporty and stylish.

Silver Leather Jacket with White Mini Dress

silver leather jacket with white mini dress

Not only that the black and silver color combination looks nice, the white and silver combination also can make you look refreshing and stylish at the same time. For example, you can wear a white mini shift dress with a silver leather metallic jacket. Pair them with white sneakers to look casual and stylish.

Silver Blazer with Black Print Tee & Plaid Cropped Pants

silver blazer with black print tee and plaid cropped pants

Wearing skinny jeans to pair with your metallic jacket is very good option, but it is certainly not your only good option. Another option is to wear a silver metallic blazer with a pair of black and white plaid cropped pants to look stylish and breezy. Pair them with a black print tee and silver heels.

Metallic Bomber Jacket with Sequin Sweatshirt

metallic bomber jacket with sequin sweatshirt

Now, here is a very eye catching shiny-on-shiny outfit idea. What I mean is that the silver metallic bomber jacket is layered over another silver item in the silver sequin sweatshirt. Pair them with black skinny jeans and a pair of semi-shiny grey pointed toe heels to look even more stylish.

Silver Down Jacket with White Knit Sweater

silver down jacket with white knit sweater

To make your winter outfit look more stylish and eye catching, one of easiest ways to do it is thru a silver metallic down jacket. Pair it with white chunky knit sweater and black skinny jeans. For the rest of the outfit, wear black suede ankle boots and a white knit hat to look more lovely.

Rose Gold Metallic Leather Jacket with White Tee & Black Jeans

rose gold metallic leather jacket with white tee and black jeans

To look classy and stylish, how about wearing a gold leather metallic jacket. Pair it with a white t shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. For the shoes, wear black ballet heels to look elegant and minimal.

Gold Metallic Down Jacket with Leather Leggings

gold metallic down jacket with leather leggings

Very rarely, you would see a gold metallic jacket. If you see one in your local store, make sure you try it on and see how it suits you because it can help make you look stunning. You can pair the gold jacket with a a grey cropped sweatshirt to look low-key sexy. Wear black leather leggings and black leather ankle boots to add some extra style.

Silver Shiny Blazer with Black Leather Pants

silver shiny blazer with black leather pants

For a lean and cool look, you can simply wear a silver blazer with a pair of black leather pants. For the rest of the outfit, wear a black form fitting vest top and a pair of black leather ankle boots.

Silver Metallic Down Jacket with Black Turtleneck Sweater

silver metallic down jacket with black turtleneck sweater

To achieve a very casual and low-profile girl-next-door look, you can simply wear a silver metallic down jacket with a black turtleneck knit sweater. Wear dark blue skinny jeans and a pair of back suede ankle boots to complete the outfit in a minimal and feminine way.

Here are the metallic jacket outfit ideas that can make you really stand out from the crowd. Just wearing something shiny every now and then and enjoy the fun of looking shiny and cool.