How to Wear Quinceanera Dress: The Style Guide

Quinceanera is a tradition that originally came from the Latin America, and it symbolizes the girl’s transformation from a child to an adolescent. In fact, it represents the fifteen birthday. The girl celebrating the birthday is a quinceañera (Spanish pronunciation: [kinseaˈɲeɾa]; feminine form of “fifteen-year-old”).

Except for the Latin countries, the quinceanera is widely celebrated in the United States of America. The tradition remains the strongest in Mexico.
On that day, the girl is changing into her quinceanera dress, in which she looks like a princess. After the mass, the family and friends are having the dinner-dance party.

When it comes to the dress code, it is definitely formal. You should carefully choose your quinceanera dress, few months before the celebration. It should look elegant and it has to draw a lot of attention.

Let’s see some of the best quinceanera dresses, and on what you should pay attention to when you are buying your favorite dress.

Choose the Right Color For the Quinceanera Dress

The girls are imagining their quinceanera dresses for their whole lives. That is why it has to be perfectly made. The first thing that people will notice on your dress is the color.

Red Quinceanera Dress (Passionate and Outgoing)

red quinceanera dress crystals
The halter neckline bodice of the dress is jeweled with the beautiful sequins and crystals. The rest of the dress is in large volume and has beautiful ruffles.
red quinceanera dress flowers
Follow the 18th fashion style worn by Marie Antoinette and choose this red quinceanera dress with embroidered flowers. Add a massive necklace or bracelet.
red quinceanera dress classic
On the other hand, if you like more classic models, this one is definitely for you. Without so many details, this quinceanera dress is anything but boring. You can round it off with the nice jewelry.

Blue Quinceanera Dress (Confident and Sophisticated)

blue quinceanera dress classy
Every girl’s dream is to be dressed like a princess. If I have to choose, I would definitely pick the blue quinceanera dress, because of the Disney’s cartoons. Wear this dress with the handmade flowers straps and bodice.
blue quinceanera dress off the shoulder
This is a great mix of a traditional and modern style. The off-the-shoulder neckline is very-nowadays, and the rest of the dress is made of tulle and beautiful lace in the soft blue color.
blue quinceanera dress flowers
Don’t let it be boring! With this blush pink flowers embroidery, your dress will get the whole new look. The halter-neckline bodice is made completely of the delicate lace and flowers.

Pink Quinceanera Dress (Sweet and Romantic)

pink quinceanera dress strapless
Bright pink quinceanera dress made of tulle and sequins is a great choice for your birthday party. It is strapless and the bodice is made of beautiful sequins and crystals. The bottom is full of voluminous ruffles.
pink quinceanera dress gold
This dress represents a perfect mix of the gold and soft pink color. The bodice is jeweled with the gold sequin details, while the rest of the dress is in soft pink color with petite sequins all over the bottom part.
pink quinceanera dress silver
Silver details are equally good looking as the gold ones. The bodice corset is made of silver details and rest of the dress is in different shades of pink. Wear a nice silver necklace or bracelets.

Champagne/White Quinceanera Dress (Traditional and Elegant)

beige quinceanera dress classic
This is a classic quinceanera dress made of tulle and petite sequins. It looks modern, but still traditional because of its color and model. You can add a pair of big and nice earrings.
beige quinceanera dress ruffles
The bodice of the quinceanera dress is a combination of the halter and off the shoulder neckline. The rest of the dress is in lovely champagne color with the voluminous ruffles.
beige quinceanera dress classy
If you want to have laced and classic quinceanera dress then you should check out this model. It is a mix of the modern bodice and classy bottom. You will make a great choice if you buy this one in beautiful beige color.

Peach Quinceanera Dress

peach quinceanera dress classic
If you want to stand out, you should definitely try wearing this peach color dress. It is traditional quinceanera dress, with the sequin bodice and ruffled bottom. A great way to draw all the attention to yourself!
peach quinceanera dress strap sequins
Another model of the peach quinceanera dresses that looks even more fantastic when paired with the massive crystal necklace. The straps of the dress are made of sequins while the back of the dress is transparent and modern.
peach quinceanera dress bodice
If you want to have a perfect bodice of your quinceanera dress, you should definitely buy this peach gown. It is completely covered with sequins and the halter neckline is made of bigger crystals. Pair it with the bracelets or big earrings.

Lavender Quinceanera Dress

lavender quinceanera dress
The lavender is a delicate and romantic color. It will show off your sensitive side, so you should try wearing it for your 15th birthday party. The quinceanera dress bottom is layered with ruffles, while the bodice is a classic, made of delicate sequins.
lavender quinceanera dress sparkly
On the other hand, if you prefer those dresses that have bigger bottom part and lot more ruffles than you should definitely try this quinceanera dress.
Pair this romantic lavender dress with the big sparkling necklace or earrings.
lavender quinceanera dress side straps
Lace of the halter bodice is handmade and it is perfect looking. The rest of the dress is left elegant and classy with side straps made of small sequins.

Mint Green Quinceanera Dress

mint quinceanera dress classic
Mint was very popular color and it remains in trend especially for the quinceanera dresses. Wear this mint green dresses if you want to make a statement.
mint quinceanera dress princess
Make a grand entrance with this mint quinceanera gown! It looks beautiful and you will definitely feel like you are a princess.
mint qiunceanera dress sequins
Sequins all around! This mint dress is just so glamorous that will make you feel pretty!

Choosing the right quinceanera dress can be equally important as choosing your wedding gown. There are no limits when it comes to your quinceanera dress.
If you want to feel like a princess, you should choose wisely both the color and model. You can also pick a good jewelry or accessory like a tiara, to pair with your dress.

I hope that you will find some inspiration in these dresses that I have shown you.