How to Wear White Leather Boots for Women

best white leather boots outfit ideas

Whether they are ankle boots or knee high boots, I have been talking about the black leather boots a lot, simply because they look great and they fit right in with the majority of the outfits. For this blog post, I am going to talk about something that also look great but is slightly more difficult to style, the white leather boots. If you have tried wearing white leather boots with your outfits before, you should have found that they fit so naturally like the black boots. To give you some ideas on how to style them better, I have put together some of the best white leather boots outfit ideas for you.

White Leather Ankle Boots with Print Sweater & Boyfriend Jeans


One of the best way to make the white leather boots fit more naturally with the rest of the outfit is to wear something white for the top. As an example, wear a grey print sweater and a white tweed coat for the top. Pair them with cuffed boyfriend jeans and white leather ankle boots. Wear a grey knit hat for a even more adorable look.

Leather Ankle Boots with White Skirt & Oversized White Denim Jacket

leather ankle boots oversized white denim jacket

Here is a chic all-white outfit. To achieve the look, wear a white vest top and a white oversized white denim jacket for the top. For the bottom, wear a high waisted white leather mini skirt with white leather ankle boots. With stylish items like the denim jacket and the leather skirt, this outfit has a perfect mix of elegance and style.

Thigh High White Leather Boots with Sweater Dress

over the knee white leather boots sweater dress

This outfit is such a beautiful minimal outfit. Like the previous outfit, this one is also an all-white outfit, but with an absolute feminine feel. The outfit is so simple. Simply wear a white comfy sweater dress with an thigh high white leather boots. That’s it. Sometimes, being simple is powerful. It just takes the right pieces to demonstrate that secret.

Wear with Form Fitting Grey Knit Sweater & Jeans

form fitting grey knit sweater jeans outfit

To wear white boots with jeans casually like when you are wearing the black boots, the use of color is very important. The top and the jeans better have relatively lighter colors compared to what you would wear with the black boots. As an example of that, wear a light grey form fitting knit sweater with cropped light blue jeans and white leather ankle boots.

Wear with Yellow Shorts & White Print Trench Coat

yellow shorts white print trench coat

Don’t forget that one of the advantages of wearing white is that adding some yellow element to a white outfit can create a cheerful and refreshing feel. This outfit is a perfect example of that. For the top, wear a white button up blouse with a white oversized print trench coat. Creatively pair them with yellow high waisted shorts. Complete the outfit with white leather ankle boots to achieve this unusual yet lovely look.

Black and White Striped Bodycon Midi Dress with Grey Wool Coat

striped bodycon midi dress grey wool coat

This unique looking striped bodycon midi dress has enough white detail in it to make it look nature with the white leather ankle boots. To add some more elegance to the outfit and to keep the outfit more balanced, drape a grey wool coat over your shoulders.

Blue and White Striped Boyfriend Shirt with Black Leather Skirt

blue and white striped boyfriend shirt black leather skirt

It seems like I have mentioned quite a few outfit ideas that involve the white ankle boots and the over the knee boots. I have been missing another beautiful item, the white mid-calf leather boots. To style the mid-calf boots, wear a blue and white striped boyfriend shirt with a high waisted black leather skirt. Tuck half of the shirt in your skirt to achieve an asymmetric stylish look.

Black Leather Jacket with Knee Length Breezy Print Skirt

black leather jacket knee length print skirt

There is a scenario where you can look naturally whether you are wearing the black boots or the white boots. This is when you wear a colorful skirt that has enough black and white details. As an example, wear a black t shirt with a black leather jacket for the top. Pair them with a colorful knee length breezy print skirt. Complete the outfit with white leather ankle boots to look natural yet unique.

White Combat Boots with Green Mini Dress & Grey Cardigan

white ankle boots green mini dress grey cardigan

For those of you that like the color of green, this outfit may be for you. Simply wear a green shift dress with a heather grey cardigan. Wear combat boots to add some toughness to the outfit. For more outfit ideas of similar boots, you may want to check out our blog post on how to style combat boots.

Wear with White Knit Cardigan & Denim Shorts

white knit cardigan denim shorts outfit

A white knit cardigan seems to match the white leather boots perfectly. Simple wear the white cardigan with a grey oversized t shirt and denim shorts for a causal chic look.

Wear with Cream Wool Top & White Mini Skirt

cream wool top white mini skirt

For an absolutely adorable look, you may want to consider this minimal outfit. You can wear a cream wool top with a white mini skirt. Then complete the outfit with over the knee white leather boots.

Drape Camel Wool Coat Over All White Outfit

drape camel wool coat over shoulders

To add an extra touch of elegance to the previous outfit, you can drape a camel wool coat over your shoulders. The coat can really make you look more adorable and fragile. It basically takes the outfit to another level.

White Leather Boots with Black Faux Fur Coat

white leather boots black faux fur coat

For a black and white winter outfit, you can simply wear a faux fur coat to cover up most of your body. Pair it with black skinny jeans and white ankle leather boots.

White Leather Ankle Boots with Navy Cardigan & Mom Jeans

white leather ankle boots navy cardigan mom jeans

For a low profile casual work outfit, you can wear a white vest top with a navy cardigan for the top. Pair them with mom jeans and white ankle boots.

White Leather Boots with Teddy Jacket & Jeans

white leather boots teddy jacket jeans

For a unique look that is both stylish and lovely, wear a grey blouse with a white teddy jacket for the top. Pair them with light blue skinny jeans and white leather boots.

Here are the white leather boots outfit ideas I wanted to share with you. Although the black leather boots are so easy to style, it is always fun to add some variety to your outfit.