Sequin Bomber Jacket: 16 Stylish Outfit Ideas

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Wearing sequins before the sun comes down might seem like a weird idea. However, in the last few years wearing sparkly outfits during the day is not rare, according to street style. I have to admit that it looked a bit strange to me at the beginning, but now, I like to wear the sequins at any time by myself.
Sequin bomber jacket is the ideal combination of the casual and glamorous garment, that is appropriate to wear even during the daytime.

The bomber jacket is very versatile. On the other hand, sequins are not very casual, but with right pieces of advice, you can style them right.
In this post, we will see exactly how to do that. Wearing sequin bomber jacket is not such a hard thing to do. You can wear it with simple skinny jeans, or an elegant dress. Either way, you choose, you will look fantastic.

Sequin Bomber Jacket with Number (aka Sports Jacket)

sequin bomber jacket number
Looking cool was never easier to do. If you wear this jacket, you will feel so stylish and look so cool. It is combined with a simple pair of jeans. Below the jacket, you can wear a classy sweater or some top. If you want to mix sporty and elegant style, you can wear this sequin bomber with some sleek dress.

Sequin Bomber Jacket with Print Tee

sequin bomber jacket print tee
This look is very youngish and modern. It can be worn on casual everyday occasions. You can wear this combination with grey jeans, and add a bit of jewelry to complete the stylish sequined look.
Depending on the occasion, you can wear both heels or flats.

Sequin Bomber Jacket with Shirt Dress

sequin bomber jacket dress
Stylish and very trendy, this outfit is excellent for elegant occasions like cocktail parties, outdoor or even Christmas parties. It looks simple, yet very elegant. You can wear sequin bomber jacket with a simple black dress that has straight cut. Pair everything with black stiletto heels.

Colorful Sequin Bomber Jacket

sequin bomber jacket colorful
This is the ideal combination of daily and classic staples. It is excellent for an everyday stroll if you are planning to wear flat shoes. However, if you style this pleated skirt and top with high heels and sequin jacket, then you are ready to go out in some nightclub.

Candy Lookalike Sequin Bomber Jacket

sequin bomber jacket candy pink
A pink color was always challenging to wear. You should try not to look like a Barbie on the one side, or as a candy corn on the other one. This sequin bomber jacket is very softly and girly looking.
When you pair it with the soft pink pants and pink lace crop top you get perfect young looking outfit combination.

Grey Sequin Bomber Jacket

sequin bomber jacket grey
The printed ruffled mini skirt is perfect for summertime. If it is a bit chilly, then you can drape the grey sequin bomber jacket over your shoulder. If you are into patterns, then you can pair your bag to be the same as the skirt.
Pair everything with biker boots.

Double Sequin Bomber Jacket

sequin bomber jacket sneakers
There can never be too many sequins in one outfit. You can style the sequin skirt with the same jacket without looking like a Christmas tree.
Soothe everything with black sneakers and some furry accessory.

Gold Sequin Bomber Jacket

sequin bomber jacket gold
This girl apparently loves colors! She paired the gold jacket with green corduroy pants and embroidered tee. The combination is pretty exciting, and it looks very eccentric.
You can go dressed like this to some home party for New year’s eve.

Sequin Bomber Jacket with Track Pants

sequin bomber jacket track pants
Track pants became a low key staple. You can now wear them with heels, without any doubt that you will look awkward. If you pair it with the sequin bomber jacket, this outfit will look even better!
You can wear this combination for work, or for a late afternoon drink with your friends.

Denim shorts with Sequin Bomber Jacket

sequin bomber jacket silver
When the weather is not here, nor there, or if it is chilly outside then you should wear this kind of outfit. Pair your silver sequin bomber jacket with denim shorts and cool vintage sunglasses!
When it comes to the shoes, the best is to wear classic white Superstar or any other white sneakers.

Yellow Dress with Sequin Bomber Jacket

sequin bomber jacket yellow
This is very interesting and colorful bomber jacket. It looks so eccentric and unique. You can wear it with bright colors like yellow or red. If you want to soothe down this combo, you can style it with classy black or white.

Striped Sequin Bomber Jacket

sequin bomber jacket striped
Black and white combination are always inspiring. They will forever be eternal and classic. Olivia Palermo definitely knows how to wear them. This one particular is very classy and chic. She wears striped sequin bomber jacket with black pants and white sweater. You can finish everything off with black ankle boots.

Sequin Bomber Jacket with Blue Over-The-One Shoulder Top

sequin bomber jacket blue shirt
When the sunny weather comes, this outfit can be a perfect for shining. The sequins on the bomber will make you elegant, and the blue bell sleeves top makes your look very chic and stylish.
This fantastic outfit is for everyday wear, working hours or after work drink with friends or colleagues.

Fringes Skirt with Sequin Bomber Jacket

sequin bomber jacket fringes
Gold sequins are not only in the reserved-for-holiday-parties category. They can be styled during the day, with a beige fringe skirt and black strap sandals.
This outfit is perfect for daily parties by the pool or on some fancy balcony.

White Jeans with Sequin Bomber Jacket

sequin bomber jacket white jeans
White jeans and white tee are perfectly paired with black sequin bomber. You can add accessories like scarf or belt. Round everything off with the printed bag.
Pointy-toe shoes are the must.

Lace Button Down with Sequin Bomber Jacket

sequin bomber jacket lace
Very sophisticated and elegant button-down shirt is combined with gold sequin jacket for an ultimate chic look. This combination is soothed down with a simple and straight pair of jeans.
You can wear it with flat or heels, depending on events where you plan to wear this look.

This was the list of 16 best outfit ideas on how to wear sequin bomber jacket. I hope that you have enjoyed and that you have found something for yourself!

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