13 Casual & Chic Ways on Wear White Linen Dress

In another blog post I wrote earlier, I have talked about how much I love the white chiffon dress because of how breezy and feminine it looks. Today, I am going to talk about something very similar, I would say it is even more breezy and casual, which is the white linen dress. Beside, the linen dress’s texture gives the dress just a slight touch of toughness that makes the dress look even more stylish. To better show you how to style it, I have put together a list of some of the best white linen dress outfit ideas. Let’s check them out.

White Scalloped Hem Linen Dress with Brown Sandals


I am starting off the list with a breezy white linen dress that has some many beautiful details. This is a mini shift dress that has a nifty scalloped hem design and some subtle lace details. Pair the dress with brown sandals and a brown leather purse to make the outfit look stylish and refreshing.

White Belted Multiple Layer Flare Linen Dress

white belted multiple layer flare linen dress

This is a simple black and white outfit that you can wear to a cocktail party or a formal event. The dress is a white belted flare linen dress that comes with a multiple-layered design. Simply wear the dress with black open toe heels to complete the look cleanly.

White Short Sleeve Maxi Linen Shift Dress

white short sleeve maxi linen shift dress

If you don’t have the best looking legs in the world or the weather has gotten colder, you can still look very beautiful by wearing a white short sleeve maxi linen dress. This particular one is a relaxed fit shift dress that looks so causal and laid-back. Simply pair it with brown ballet flats to form a minimal outfit.

White Floral Linen Swing Dress

white floral linen swing dress

For a more cheerful and playful look, instead of wearing a solid white dress, you may want to wear this white floral linen swing dress. To look even more refreshing and energetic, pair the dress with a straw hat and nude sandals to complete the outfit.

Babydoll Maxi Linen Dress

babydoll maxi linen dress

It is not that common to see a white babydoll dress that has the maxi length. The result is unique and gorgeous. Very creatively, a pair of brown leather oxford shoes is selected to pair with the dress and they look surprisingly well matched. You can also wear a straw hat to add an extra feminine touch to the outfit.

White Sleeveless Two-Layered Knee Length Dress

white sleeveless two layered knee length dress

This dress has a very interesting cutting that makes it almost like a two-piece dress that consists of a tank top and a skirt. Anyway, this is a white linen knee length tank dress that looks simple and good. Most important, it has very easy to pull off. Pair the dress with a long necklace and pink sandals to add a stylish touch.

White Button Up Sweetheart Neckline Dress

white button up sweetheart neckline dress

For a low-key sexy look, you may want to consider wearing this white button up sweetheart midi flare dress. To complete the outfit, wear it with white ankle strap open toe heels or white heeled sandals to complete this unique look.

White Breezy Flare Maxi Dress

white breezy flare maxi dress

Here is another two-layered dress. This time, it is a breezy short-sleeve white flared maxi dress. The extra layer is there basically to provide the nifty detail that make the simple dress more eye catching. To complete the outfit, pair the dress with brown strappy sandals.

V Neck Linen Skater Dress

v neck linen skater dress

For a youthful look, wearing a skater dress can do just that. The skater dress has really become a core part of the casual outfit and cocktail outfit trends over the years. And this innocent looking white v neck linen skater dress is going to make you stand out from the best whether you are wearing it for cocktail parties or casually. If you wearing it for cocktail parties, the best choice for shoes would probably be the silver open toe heels.

White Boat Neck Maxi Linen Shirt Dress

white boat neck maxi linen shirt dress

This outfit is a slightly more sophisticated one that looks super chic. First of all, the white linen dress with the boat neck cutting and the maxi length make it look very breezy and stylish. Pair it with white loafers, a white purse and a boho style statement necklace to achieve an amazing look.

White Striped Button Up Knee Length Dress

white striped button up knee length dress

I love how the subtle stripes add the extra dimension to this white button up knee length linen dress. The dress just looks so pure and refreshing. It looks simply amazing in its own right. You can simply wear the dress with white sneakers to look great.

Sleeveless Button Front Midi Sheath Linen Dress

sleeveless button front midi sheath linen dress

This is a pretty cool outfit. The dress is a sleeveless white button front midi linen dress that just looks unique and actually a little unisex. To make it look refreshing and breezy, pair it with brown sandals or brown suede pointed toe ankle boots to achieve a simple and stylish look.

White Maxi Slip Dress with Fringe Bag

white maxi slip dress fringe bag

This is the type of white linen dress that would make you look dreamy for a beach photoshoot. The dress is a white maxi deep v neck slip linen dress that actually looks very sexy. For the shoes, the nude strappy sandals would be perfect to add a touch of feminine feel. Wear a fringe tribal printed bag to add a little bit of boho style to spice up the outfit just a little.

White Printed Midi Linen Shirt Dress

white printed midi linen shirt dress

To look happy, you can wear a white printed linen shirt dress. Wear it with crepe oxford shoes to complete the outfit with style. A black long necklace would also helps making the outfit look cool.

Here are some of the best white linen dress outfit ideas that I really want to share with you. I think the white linen dress looks really good and casual, while it is unbelievably easy to pull off. It almost seems like it is too good to be true.