10 Ladylike Ways to Wear a Suit: Women Work Fashion

women wear suit ladylike feminine

In today’s society, there are more and more women who are managers and executives. They often wear suits to look more professional and dominant in order to suit their positions in the companies. If you are one of those people who has to wear suit to work, you may sometimes have the concern that your look is too boring and you dress too much like a man. Don’t worry. If you style the right way, you can still look professional, sleek, feminine and beautiful at the same time. In this blog post, I am going to share with you some tips and ideas on how to wear a suit like a lady.

Wear Suits that Can Still Show Your Curve

women suits slim cut

Size and cutting makes a world of difference when it comes to suits for women. Choose the size and cutting that fits just right, don’t go oversize or have overly-straight cutting. Unless you consider you legs too thick, slim cut or skinny trousers really help make the overall look more feminine and sleek.

Wear Skirt Suits

shiny skirt suit with high heels

Depending on your situation, if you don’t have to look too powerful, wearing a skirt suit is a great idea. A slightly shiny design like the above picture makes you look even sharper. But in my opinion, for executives, skirts don’t give you nearly the powerful look that a suit with trousers can give you.

Wear High Heels with Suit

women slim cut suit with high heels

Suits and trousers can make you look quite unisex. Wearing your suit with a pair of high heels is very important because the high heels soften that tough, manly look. High heels also make your legs look longer and your waistline look more curvy. The extra few inches of height also makes you look more powerful than other staff.

Some Feminine Elements in the Blouse

blouse with feminine elements

The suit itself may be cold and manly, but the blouse doesn’t has to be that way. You can get a blouse that has some feminine elements like the one in the above picture. It can make a lot of difference. In fact, with the same suit, different blouses or tops can give you totally different expressions. Explore your wardrobe and play some mix and match.

Long, Slightly Curvy Hair

women long hair slightly curvy wear suit

women suit twisted ponytail

For hairstyle, long and slightly curvy hair will gives you the feminine touch you will need to balance the powerful suit your wear. Just give your hair a subtle side part can make you look sleek and beautiful. For a more refreshing look, you can try the twisted ponytail like the picture above.

Wear a Thin Belt with Your Suit

lady with suit wearing a thin belt

Although you don’t necessarily have to wear a belt, wearing a belt helps emphasize your waistline and show your curves. A thick one would be way too manly. A thin and light color belt can make you look smart and pretty.

Wear Accessories with Feminine Details

lady wearing suit with feminine accessories

Why some ladies still look very ladylike even if they are wearing some very formal suits? The devil is in the detail. In the above picture, can you see how much the necklace and bracelet elevate the overall look. It’s a great outfit idea that makes you look beautiful and subtle.

Pale Pink Nail Polish

pale pink nail polish for business formal suit

Having your nails done usually makes you look more ladylike. For a business formal look, it’s the best and safest idea to have simple pale pink nail polish. In my opinion, red is okay too, but some may consider red as too bright and not formal enough. So, pale pink is the color to use if you want to play safe. It will make you look more professional and more charming.

Don’t Wear Ties

woman wearing tie and suit

female suit bow tie

Not saying that women cannot look good wearing ties. Indeed, it looks stylish and smart. But since the topic of this blog post is to look ladylike wearing suit, wearing ties will simply make you look too manly. If you really, really want to try wearing a tie and you still want to look feminine, try something similar to the picture above.

Play Around with Different Colors

woman light color suit

woman sharp blue suit

Try lighter colors to soften your look. You may also want to try different colors like the blue one above in order to make your work fashion less boring. For some creative people, they sometimes wear suits or tops of really bright colors such as red or orange. I don’t really recommend that as that defeats the purpose of wearing a suit to look professional. That may work in some very creative industry, or if you are the boss, but in most situations, it just doesn’t work well.

Wearing Suit to Work as a Junior or Young Staff

young staff wearing suit


For some of you who are a young employee, there are situations when you need to wear a suit, for example, if you work in a big corporation or if you need to attend an important and formal meeting. Be careful, you don’t want to look more powerful than the way your boss look. You can be very safe by wearing a simple suit like the above that goes with a skirt. It better not have too much details and it better not be shiny. You just make sure the size and cutting is right that you can look smart and young. This outfit idea could be a little boring, but it is safe to wear and still makes you look smart and sweet.

I hope you like the above women’s suit ideas I have put together. Who says you can’t look powerful and beautiful at the same time? Think about it, many of us spend more time working in our workplace than hanging out with friends or spending time with family. Why not just try to squeeze a little bit of fun from a busy work day by playing around with how you dress and make yourself look sharp. Hopefully, I have give you some ideas that can inspire you for your style in weekdays. How about for weekends? If you have a cocktail party or a beach wedding coming soon, please check out a blog post I wrote about best yellow cocktail dress ideas. Make sure you also check out our other articles with helpful ideas and tips on beauty, fashion, and fitness.