Patched Jeans: 14 Ideas on How to Look Cool and Chic

Cool kids, bloggers, and other fashion influencers have found the way how to decorate their simple pair of jeans. They customized them with many different and colorful patches that they had the freedom to pick themselves. Today, we will see how to wear patched jeans.

Maybe it is because of nostalgia, but there is something really lovely in these patched jeans. From military jackets to the hippie era, everybody tried to decorate their jeans with little colorful patchwork.
Some would say that patchwork is a big no when it comes to fashion. However, the key is to stay casual, and not to overdo it.
Another good thing about patches is that you can DIY. If you are not familiar, there are a lot of videos that can explain you. Check out this article for many different outfit ideas.

Mickey Mouse Patches

patched jeans mickey mouse
Yes, you have read well. And no, it is not reserved for 5-year old girl only. You will be a cool kid if you try to wear this look.
Faux fur coat as a chic staple is combined with a white blazer and flowing blouse. The jeans give it a cool vibe, while the metallic bag is definitely a statement piece.

Boyfriend Jeans Customized

patched jeans boyfriend
I love boyfriend jeans. Their cut is flattering, while they are very trendy for a few years now. You can wear them for many different occasions.
Chiara Ferragni decided to wear her colorful patches with a basic top and bomber jacket. The oversized fur on the jacket gives you the absolute cool-girl vibe.

Winter Crop

patched jeans cropped
You thought you couldn’t wear crops in winter? If you are in L.A why not? Combine your crop sweater with patched skinny jeans that have a high waist.
This supermodel opted for leopard print espadrilles and brown rucksack bag. This look is great for doing your everyday duties in it.

Blue (Patched) Jeans – White Shirt

patched jeans white tee
Eternal combination of blue jeans and white shirt is a bit upgraded with patches. They are covering a big part of these skinny jeans, but they definitely don’t seem too-much.
If you want to stay casual and minimal, style your patchwork jeans with a simple white tee. In the end, add black flats.

Roses are Back in Town

patched jeans roses
If you are in the better mood for more delicate patchwork on your jeans, then this can be great outfit idea for you. Floral motifs are always great ideas, right?
You can style your patched jeans with red roses one them with matchy coral sandals and classy white sleeveless blouse. If you plan to wear it in summer, then don’t forget to add a modern and trendy straw bag.

Carry a Message

patched jeans message
While the prints stole all the glory on the runway shows and street style, you can do the same with patches.
If you like to carry a message, then let it be on your jeans! However, don’t overdo it. One or two phrases would be enough to make a statement with your high waist jeans.

Leather Jacket and Jeans

patchwork jeans leather jacket
The leather jacket is something that every girl should have in her closet. And that is a fact. No matter if it is retro or modern, it can be in every color as well. However, it is a great staple to style with any other.
Patched jeans are mixed with a short leather jacket, printed tee, and cool masculine Oxford shoes.
This look is great for everyday wear.

Biker Jacket and Patched Jeans

patched jeans biker jacket
Biker jackets are great staples to combine when you want to make your outfit into a head-turner. This striped one looks attractive. Combining it with patchwork jeans will bring you few more points. However, don’t overdo it. Let your patches be cool but not to cover your jeans.

Statement Boots

patched jeans statement boots
It is always good to have one great pair of boots in your closet. However, some models are statement ones. You can wear them with the most unexpected combination and still look very attractive.
These boots put patched jeans and leather jacket in the second plan. They are very interesting and super cool for mixing.

Dark Crop Jeans

patched jeans fedora
Dark jeans look more sophisticated than the regular ones. You can even wear them to work or for a business meeting. They will look chic even when there are patches on them. If you thought you couldn’t wear patched jeans with elegant garments, you were not right. This girl proves the fact that you can.
She opted for patent-leather shoes, white blouse, and fedora.

Stars on Jeans

patched jeans stars
You can wear stars on jeans! They look youngish, but very chic at the same time. If you are not a fan of colorful patches, then go for these black stars.
Pair them with a white tee and voila! You will have a minimal chic outfit in less than 10 minutes spent in front of a mirror.

Graffiti Patches

patchwork jeans graffiti
Geometric blazer together with boyfriend jeans makes one amazing and very cool outfit combination.
This stylish It Girl wears this combination as an everyday outfit. However, you can transform this look into the great elegant combination. Add a bit of jewelry, switch this printed tee for some blouse and there you go!

Flannel Button-Down and Patches

patched jeans flannel shirt
Flannel shirts and button-downs are maybe one of the most comfortable and versatile garments to wear. You can style them with these skinny patches jeans for a super flattering look. Don’t forget to tuck in your button down. Add a great red tote bag and matchy strappy sandals.
This look is a perfect idea for everyday wear.

Eccentric Patched Jeans

patched jeans pink patchwork
Sequins and pink color on your jeans is not something that you can see every day. However, when it comes to this Italian fashion girl, everything is possible.
She opted for patchwork jeans, white tee, and long grey coat. Turquoise heels are surprisingly a good match with pink patches.

So, what are you waiting for? Find some patches that you can put on your jeans and get to work darling! Your jeans will get a whole new look that you will adore!