Pink Satin Dress: 14 Lovely and Chic Outfit Ideas

pink satin dress chocker

Satin is the fabric that you can either love or hate. It is posh, luxurious looking and very flattering. However, not all the girls love that feeling on their skin. In my opinion, satin is excellent and delicate material. Side by side with silk, satin is perfect for evening gowns, prom or wedding dresses. In this post, we will stick to the pink satin dress – ways to wear it, style it and enjoy while doing all that!

The pink satin dress is an excellent staple that you can wear for many different occasions. If you ask me what shade of pink I like the most, I would definitely pick the original fuchsia and the blush one. The first one itself is making a statement, but it is harder to combine. On the other hand, the blush pink is easier to mix and style with other colors.
I have gathered some of the best pink satin dresses just for you! Scroll down to see how you can wear it.

Fuchsia Love

pink satin dress fuchsia
The mini slip pink satin dress is combined with tulle button-down. It makes one wonderful and matchy pinkish look for night out. You can style it with some metallic sandals, and voila! You are more than ready to go.

Pink and Red Combination

pink satin dress red boots
Red boots were craving object of many fashion girls last year. However, not many of them dared to style them with a pink satin dress. If it seems a bit too much for you, I get it. Nevertheless, it looks very sophisticated and charming. Wearing your red boots and pink dress was never easier.

Slip Pink Satin Dress

pink satin dress chocker
Slip dresses are still a mystery to me. I do not know how I would style them not to look like I have just got up from my bed. Writing these outfit ideas, helped a lot. You can wear your satin dress with a matchy choker necklace, and it will work just fine. Style it with some fancy sandals or stilettos and add a clutch.


Ruffles. Who doesn’t like ruffles on the summer dresses? This blush pink-peachy shade is very beautiful. You can wear it for many occasions while still remain unique and fancy. Style it with slingback or lace-up sandals and put on some gold jewelry.

Italian It Girl Loves Pink

pink satin dress italian girls
Gilda Ambrosio loves to experiment with colors, so she had the confidence to wear red and pink (go back on the second headline to see what I have said). She pairs the long pink satin dress with two-colored boots for an excellent and very chic look. The dress is fascinating and unique.

Lace-Up Satin Dress

pink satin dress lace up
This dress looks sexy and casual at the same time! It is not easy to find something like this. Dress that you can wear at daytime, and still achieve to look sexy. Spaghetti straps and straight cut make this exciting and chic. You can style it with flat sandals or even ankle boots.

Pajama Style

pink satin dress pajama
The trend of wearing staples that look like pajamas is something that seems very surprising and so flattering at the same time! I mean, if you could wear your slip dress or pajamas in the day time, as you wear jeans, would you accept it? I would! This pink satin dress looks like pajamas, so count on its comfort and flattering material.

Leather and Satin Combined

pink satin dress leather jacket
The leather jacket is one of those staples that you must have in your wardrobe. It is an eternal piece that you can combine with everything. Even with the pink satin dress. This combo is ideal for casual events, such as coffee in town, stroll or lunch with your best friend. Wear this beautiful dress with nude stilettos.

Casual Slip Dress

pink satin dress slip
Here is another slip satin dress that you can wear for daily occasions. It works just fine with brown loafers and black tote bag. One thing is sure – in this dress, you will feel really comfy. It is flattering and flowy. Long story short: it is perfect for summer days.

Delicate Floral Print

pink satin dress floral print
Cherry blossom flowers on your dress make it lovely and unique. The dress itself makes a statement, so make sure not to put too much makeup and some massive necklace. You can style this outfit with some gold earring though. They look chic and trendy. Round everything with some super cool yellow sandals.

Layered with White Tee

pink satin dress layered
This pink satin dress is layered with a simple and basic white tee for ultra chic and cool look. If you think that wearing this dress with sneakers is too much for you, you can easily switch to high heels or ankle boots. This look is perfect option for daily events.

English Rose

pink satin dress rosie rose
I was poetic about the headline, but there is actually a shade that got this name. However, Rosie wears this pink satin dress in the best possible way. She put on a big shiny belt, and pair it with a satin clutch in the shade same as the dress. It is perfect for elegant occasions and celebrations.

Cowl Neck with Lace

pink satin dress cowl neckline
Another beautiful long dress, ideal for formal events like parties, birthdays or weddings. It has a high side slit that looks very sexy and elegant. The bodice of the dress is lovely; the cowl neckline is decorated with delicate lace. Wear this long dress with beige or nude sandals.

Little Pink Satin Dress

pink satin dress mini
This dress is appropriate for many different occasions. You can wear it from casual coffees and brunches to birthdays and weddings. The key is in accessories. If you style it with flats or sandals, it will be more relaxed. However, if you put on some gold jewelry and wear high heels, this dress will be perfect for elegant events.

Let’s make a summary. The pink satin dress is an excellent staple to wear, no matter where do you plan to wear it. It is equally wearable for casual or elegant occasions. You can wear it alone or layered with tee, button-down or leather jacket.
I hope that you have liked these ideas and that you will try to copy some of them. I will, for sure!