14 Stunning Rose Gold Dress Outfit Ideas

best rose gold dress outfit ideas

There are people that are more comfortable wearing a silver dress than a gold dress because they believe that a gold dress does kind of look cheap and not elegant ironically. I know where this weird thought come from. There was a time back in the days when some people like to wear a lot of gold accessories just to show people how rich they are and that is definitely not the kind of people that this generation likes to be considered as. However, over the years, there is a color called the “rose gold” that got popular and suddenly it is one of the most feminine and cool color you can wear. For this blog post, I have indeed collected some of the best looking rose gold dress outfits. Let’s check them out now.

Rose Gold Sequin Bodycon Mini Dress

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To start off the list, let me show you this low-key sexy and elegant outfit that requires you to show a little bit of skin. Here we have a rose fold sequin bodycon mini dress. It is paired with a silver open toe heels and a silver statement necklace. This sparkly outfit would definitely make you shine in a cocktail party. And surprisingly, it is really not that difficult to pull off.

Rose Gold High Neck Sleeveless High Low Dress

rose gold high neck sleeveless high low dress
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Now, if you are looking for a more creative and unique rose gold dress, here is a high neck one that has a high low cutting. Very interestingly, this high low dress is not one of those standard ones that is “high-front-low-back”. It actually has a “high-left-low-right” asymmetric stylish design. To take the creativity even a step further, wear the dress with gold strappy heels.

Rose Gold Sequin Mermaid Dress

rose gold sequin mermaid dress
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For a poise and elegant look, you can wear a rose gold sequin mermaid maxi dress. The fact that the fishtail in this dress isn’t too obvious make this a nice relative low-key dress that you would feel very comfortable wearing for a prom. For the shoes, you can either wear silver heels or gold heels to add a touch of elegance.

Rose Gold Empire Waist Floral Dress

rose gold empire waist floral dress
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Even though the color of rose gold is already a toned down version of the gold color, some people may still find it a little aggressive. To even soften the tone, you can wear a rose gold dress that has floral patterns. And instead of wearing metallic shoes, you can simply pair the dress with pale pink open toe shoes.

Gold Sequin Maxi Dress with Choker Necklace

gold sequin maxi dress choker necklace
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A shiny choker can be a perfect match with a rose gold dress. For example, wear a gold sequin maxi dress with gold ankle strap open toe heels and a gold choker to create a eye catching and stylish look.

Strapless Rose Gold Sequin Skater Dress

strapless rose gold sequin skater dress
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Another way to look cute with a rose gold is to choose a rose gold skater dress. This one, though, is a dress that looks both cute and sexy. It is a strapless gold sequin skater dress. For the shoes, you can’t go wrong with the silver ankle strap open toe heels.

Cold Shoulder Pink Bodycon Dress with Gold Sequin Details

cold shoulder pink bodycon dress gold sequin details
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For a ladylike pink look, you can wear this cold shoulder pink bodycon dress. The dress has such beautiful and stylish rose gold sequin details that simply takes the dress to another level. You can even push the envelope further by wearing gold heels and a gold purse.

Strapless Rose Gold Maxi High Split Dress

strapless rose gold maxi high split dress
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This outfit demonstrates how good it looks to have a rose gold dress and a gold choker put together. The outfit consists of a rose gold strapless high split dress, a pair of gold ankle strap heels and a gold metallic choker.

Rose Gold and White High Low Dress

rose gold and white high low dress
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Here is a stylish dress that can separate you from others in a cocktail party. It is a rose gold and white high sequin high low dress. You can simply wear gold open toe heels to complete the outfit with an extra touch of elegance.

Rose Gold and Blush Pink Two-Toned Dress

rose gold and blush pink two toned dress
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As chiffon can often makes a dress look more ladylike, let’s explore how good a dress can look if this two-toned dress is made of both chiffon and sequin. The top part is a rose gold sequin top with the bottom part being chiffon pleated maxi skirt. Pair the dress with silver sequin heels and the outfit simply looks feminine and amazing.

White Sleeveless Shift Dress with Rose Gold Sequin Sheer Overlay

white sleeveless shift dress rose gold sequin sheer overlay
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For those of you that want to try wearing rose gold but still think it is way to sparkly to wear. How about we start with this dress that only has a little bit of rose gold sequin element. It is a a white sleeveless shift dress with has a long-sleeve semi-sheer overlay. In the overlay, there are some rose gold sequin element randomly spaced to make this an amazing dress. Pair the dress with gold ankle straps to add an elegant touch.

Rose Gold Deep V Neck Shift Dress

rose gold deep v neck shift dress
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For those of you that love loose fit dresses, here is a rose gold deep v neck shift dress that you may like. You can simply wear it with silver strap heels and a black choker to complete this outfit with style.

One Shoulder Two-Toned Gold Skater Dress

one shoulder two toned gold skater dress
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Here is a super cute one shoulder two-toned dress. The top part is a one-shoulder rose gold sequin top, while the bottom part is a pale yellow tulle chiffon mini skirt. Wear pale pink open toe heels to complete this lovely outfit.

Spaghetti Strap Rose Gold Gathered Waist Maxi Dress

spaghetti strap rose gold gathered waist maxi dress
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For a super chic look, you can wear a pink spaghetti strap gathered waist maxi dress with gorgeous rose gold details. This dress is simply amazing in its own right that you really don’t have to wear accessories with it. Pair it with pale pink heeled sandals and you are ready to shine.

For those of you who have never wear sparkly dresses for cocktail parties, you are missing out a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy seeing the rose gold dress outfits and would actually try around and see if any one of the outfit would be a good one for your neck cocktail party or prom.