Purple Pants: How to Wear The Color of The Year

purple pants giorgia tordini

The purple color is elected as Pantone color of the year. They have described this color as ‘dramatic and thoughtful.’ This shade inevitably made its way into the runway shows, and that is why today we are talking about how to wear purple pants.

Purple pants appeared on street style last year. The fact is that they will be one of the main trends this year, as well. It Girls lost their minds about purple garments, but most of all they were all wearing purple pants.
This color is very eye-catching, so prepare yourself for that. You will definitely stand out from the crowd, but you will look very stylish and trendy as well.
If you are interested in this, and you would like to know how to wear the color of the year, scroll down to see all these beautiful outfit ideas, that I have prepared.

Italiana in Purple

purple pants giorgia tordini
Well, this comes as a surprise! We are all used to see Giorgia Tordini in black, neutral colors. This look can definitely be the influence of her best friend, Gilda. Dresses in purple pants and silk blouse, with the black coat, draped over her shoulders, she shows us how to nail this lovely, winter look. White shoes and beige tote bag with gold handle are an amazing choice for this look.

Shade Game

purple pants lilac
There are many purple shades. Some of them are lilac, while the others are pink. However, the thing is – you will love them all! These high waist pants are great for work, elegant occasions or for casual daily wear. You can style them with a beige turtleneck, for a chic and stylish look. If you are a fan of pastels, go with the peach color bag.


purple pants dripping paint
For a head-turner outfit combination, you need to have a statement piece. May I suggest these two-shade pants? They look absolutely fabulous. The purple shade is turning into white at the hem of the pants. It looks like dripping paint, and it is very modern. Pair these pants with something neutral. White button-down and blazer are amazing staples to go with.

Pink Purple

purple pants pink sweater
I love outfits that are based on one color or shade. You don’t have to think about them so much because it is basically like making all-black outfit combinations. The pink turtleneck sweater is mixed with really high waist purple pants. The combination is unique and surprising. However, don’t let that trick you. This look is perfect for everyday wear, or for some elegant occasions.

Yellow Details with Purple

purple pants yellow details
I know, it sounds crazy. However, you will actually be surprised when you see how lovely these two colors are when paired together. Look at this Shearling jacket. It has yellow fur around the neckline while the rest of it is in white. The pants are classic, not so skinny better straight cut. Gilda likes to color, and transfers that love to us all!

Track Pants + Heels

purple pants track pants
Last year, track pants were one of the most beloved staples on the streets. The girls were wearing them with boots, but also with heels. It may sound a bit surprising, but actually, these gym pants look amazing when you wear them as part of the casual or elegant outfit. If you don’t believe me, check out this photo. Isn’t this outfit great? Also, so easy to achieve!

Striped Pantsuit

purple pants striped pantsuit
This outfit is screaming ‘business’ and ‘stylish’ at the same time. The pantsuit looks really professional, so you can count on this look when you are heading to your office. Also, consider wearing this outfit for meetings, or formal occasions that requires dress-code.
White or black ones can replace the pink shoes. However, the charm is to keep them, because they pair with the color of your suit!

Puffer Vest and Checked Suit

purple pants striped puffer vest
Here we have another pantsuit but in a bit modern way. This lilac checked pants and suit are paired with puffer vest. Even though it can seem little surprising, this combination is actually very warm and comfortable, as well as stylish. You can wear it for work, or for business meetings.

Printed Fantasy

purple pants pajama style
If you like color block outfits, here is the one for you! This Russian fashion girl wears a blue coat, green blouse with floral prints, and purple pants also with an interesting print. Pants are pajama-looking. That trend is very on, so if you want to look stylish, you know what you need to do!
White stilettos are a neutral staple that works perfectly well with this combination.

Navy-Blue Coat

purple pants navy blue coat
This navy-blue coat looks very classic. It can be your favorite winter staple, and you can pair it with almost everything. As you can see, purple printed pants go well with every color. They can also be your both casual and elegant garment. Most of all, these pants are very comfortable, so you will enjoy wearing them.

Summer Version of Purple

purple pants culottes
Summer will come soon – you just need to be patient. In the meantime, the garments from spring/summer collections are already arriving in retail shops. That is why I wanted to show you these wonderful purple culottes. You can wear them on hot summer days because guess what? They are super comfy and flattering! Style them with a crop top and add a pair of flat mules.

Wrap Purple Pants

purple pants wrapped
We all know about wrap dresses and skirts, but did you ever think about wearing purple pants, that has wrap cut? If you are nodding, let’s see these pants and how to style them.
They are printed and made of very flattering material. If you want to style these pants for work, then pair them with a navy-blue blazer and white button-down. Easy as that, right?

Vinyl Shine

In the end, I prepared something extraordinary. Vinyl pants are not for everybody. Not because you cannot wear it, but you may feel uncomfortable. They are shiny, purple and cropped. You can pair them with a black leather jacket, and high heel stilettos. A pink bag is a stylish detail that will make your outfit really trendy and modern.

Make sure to read all outfit ideas and style guides that we have prepared for you!