15 Best Olive Green Bodycon Dress Outfit Ideas

Many people think of the bodycon dress as something you would only wear for a cocktail party or a prom. That really depends on the cutting and style of the specific dress. In this blog post, I am going to explore with you some different types of olive green bodycon dresses. You are going to see some dresses that are elegantly styled for cocktail parties and proms and you will also see some that are styled in casual ways. I have put together a list of very interesting olive green bodycon dress outfit ideas for you. Let’s check it out now.

Olive Green Long Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress


To start of the list, I am going to show you an olive green long sleeve bodycon dress that is relatively low profile and very easy to pull off. You can pair it with grey suede open to ankle boots to complete the outfit cleanly and elegantly.

Two-Piece Olive Green Bodycon Midi Dress with Slit

two piece olive green bodycon midi dress with slit

If you have a beautiful waistline, here is a sexy dress that is suitable for you. It is a two-piece green bodycon dress, with the top part being a long sleeve crop top and the bottom part being a green midi bodycon skirt with a slit. You can wear a pair of pale pink open toe heels to add a feminine touch to the overall look.

Olive Green Lace Up Deep V Neck Dress

olive green lace up deep v neck dress

Olive green is such a refreshing color and that character can often make a dress with extremely sexy cutting look more natural. This lace up deep v neck bodycon dress is a great example of that. Imagine wearing this dress with silver heels to a cocktail party. The color would really separate you from the rest.

Olive Green Bodycon Knee Length Dress with Green Felt Hat

olive green bodycon knee length dress green felt hat

For a refreshing look that is perfect to wear when you are on vacation, you can wear a olive green bodycon dress with a green felt hat. For the shoes, how about add some boho style to the outfit by wearing nude strappy sandals.

Green Wool Lace Up Back Bodycon Dress

green wool lace up back bodycon dress

It is quite rare to see a beautiful green wool dress but here is actually a good one. It is an olive green wool bodycon dress that comes with a lace up detail at the back of the dress. I would recommend you to wear white sandals with the green dress to keep the refreshing look consistent.

Green Bodycon Midi Dress with White Heeled Sandals

green bodycon midi dress white heeled sandals

A good thing about this olive green midi dress is that you can either wear it as a cocktail dress or you can also wear it casually. The versatility is a good character that you can find in most olive green dresses. You can simply wear the dress with white heeled sandals to achieve a casual street look or you can wear silver ankle strap open toe heels to create an elegant outfit that is perfect for cocktail parties.

Olive Green Tube Dress with Matching Long Sleeves

olive green tube dress matching long sleeves

If you look closely, this is not really an off the shoulder dress. Instead, it is an olive green tube dress that comes with the long sleeves. Not only is this faux off-shoulder dress unique, it also allows you to show off your beautiful shoulders and collarbones. Pair the dress with silver open toe heels to achieve an elegant look.

Long Sleeve Green Bodycon Dress with Cutouts on Shoulders

long sleeve green bodycon dress cutouts on shoulders

The previous tube dress allows you to show off your shoulders and collarbones in an obvious way, while this cutout dress let you show them in a low-key way. You can pair this olive green cutout dress with green ankle strap open toe heels to create a ladylike all-green outfit.

Olive Green Backless Bodycon Dress

olive green backless bodycon dress

For those of you who have beautiful and don’t mind showing some skin for your next cocktail party, here is a dress that you may consider. It is a green backless bodycon mini dress that makes you show you back and your curves. I would recommend you to wear white open toe heels to complete this sexy and refreshing look.

Green Dress with Black Felt Hat & Lace Up Boots

green dress black felt hat lace up boots

If you want to build a stylish look around an olive green bodycon dress, you just have to wear it with black pieces that come with some toughness. For example, wear the green bodycon dress with a pair of black leather lace up open toe boots and a black felt hat.

Olive Green One Shoulder Wrap Dress

olive green one shoulder wrap dress

One way to look both sexy and stylish is to wear a one-shoulder dress. It allows you to show off your shoulder in a stylish asymmetric way. For example, wear this olive green one-shoulder wrap dress with black strappy heels to achieve a sexy look that can easily get people’s attention.

Olive Green Dress with Black Leather Jacket

olive green dress black leather jacket

If you are wearing a olive green dress as part of your business casual outfit, you may want to wear it with a black leather jacket to create a smart and lean look. For the shoes, you can simply wear black heels to match with the jacket.

High Split Bodycon Maxi Dress

high split bodycon maxi dress

Up to this point, I have mentioned a lot of short dresses as they work really well with the refreshing feel in the color of olive green. From this high split bodycon maxi dress, it looks like the color of olive green does create good result with a maxi dress too. You can simply wear the dress with pale pink strappy heeled sandals to add a feminine touch to the look.

Turtleneck Halter Bodycon Dress

turtleneck halter bodycon dress

For a simple and clean look, you can simply wear an olive green turtleneck bodycon dress. Wear it with black ankle strap open toe heels to complete this minimal outfit. For more outfit ideas of similar shoes, please take a lot at our blog post on how to style black ankle strap heels.

Olive Green Bodycon Dress with Statement Necklace

olive green bodycon dress statement necklace

This outfit demonstrates how to add a little bit of aggressiveness or power to the outfit. If you are a boss or a manager, this trick may be useful to you. You can wear a green bodycon dress with pale pink open toe heels as usual. Now, add a statement necklace to the mix to make the outfit look more powerful.

So, here are the olive green bodycon dress outfit ideas I want to share with you. If you enjoy this blog post, you may want to check out our thousands of other outfit ideas in this website too.