Stunning Small Tattoo Ideas

Why get a small tattoo?

Small tattoos are fantastic for anyone who wants a tattoo without too much commitment, or who needs to avoid having a visible tattoo. Small tattoos are often thought of as being great for girls or young women, but they are actually popular with people of all ages and genders. A small design is often enough to express the meaning behind the tattoo, and to create something beautiful. Small tattoos can be tucked away into rarely-seen areas, so that they are not visible in everyday life. This may be especially good for professionals whose dress codes prevents them from having large-scale tattoos.

Small tattoos are also good for people who have never got a tattoo before, so that they can experience a tattoo without committing to a large, expensive and painful design. They are a good way for beginners to try out the world of tattooing for the first time.

A lot of celebrities have chosen to get small tattoos- in fact, it might be hard to find a celebrity who doesn’t have one! Miley Cyrus has a lot of small tattoos, as does Selena Gomez. Ashley Benson has tiny wrist tattoos, and Lana del Rey has a few small tattoos. Zoe Kravitz has a collection of super-small, very simple tattoos, and so do a lot of other models and actresses.

Small tattoo designs

There is absolutely no end to the variety of small tattoo ideas. Pretty much anything that does not require too much detail or complexity can be converted into a small tattoo. However, the most common designs are fairly simple and use mostly black ink. They tend to have only a few details, and are often very delicate, and hardly noticeable. They can be words, pictures, geometric patterns- the only limit is your imagination!

Some popular designs include feathers, birds, handwritten-style words and geometric patterns. Other fairly common small tattoo ideas are arrows, hearts, and moon symbols. Most of these are done in black ink, but sometimes colors are used in small tattoos. For a very subtle approach, it is even possible to use white ink, which hardly shows up at all against the skin.


Small tattoo locations

Small tattoos are often placed in locations which are not suited for larger tattoos. Fingers are especially popular, as well as behind the ear. Small tattoos appear all over the body, though, and can be found on legs, on the back, on arms – absolutely anywhere! For some people, it may be best to put the tattoo on an area which can easily be covered, such as the foot or the hip. The inside of the fingers can also be a great place to put a subtle small tattoo.


More small tattoo ideas

There are so many different possible small tattoo ideas that the best thing to do is probably to look at as many pictures as possible! You want to choose something that is deeply meaningful to you, but that will still work on a very small scale. Look for simple designs without too much detail, and make sure that you choose a tattooist who is good with these sorts of small tattoos.