Stunning Pink & White Nails Designs & Ideas

Pink and white nails are a trendy choice for your hands. Check out the designs below to get some inspiration and complete your fabulous looks!

White nails

A woman who chooses white nail polish is confident. She has a classic, strong personality. She’s self-contained and can’t be convinced to change her opinions. She doesn’t like to be distracted by bright colors, so she chooses low key manicures.

If you find yourself wishing for a white manicure there are many designs you can choose from: from French, to white bridal nails, from unique designs, to modern French manicures with shades of pink and peach. White nails are bold and graphic just like all black nails, but in a friendlier version.

Pink nails

Women who choose pale pink for their nails are feminine and conservative. They adopt traditional outfits and are always impeccably dressed. Pale pink nails, just like pink and white nails, are ideal for the career woman, who pays a lot of attention to her appearance. Pale pink looks best with elegant office outfits.

On the other hand, intense pink is suitable for women who are sexy, chic and bold. It’s a feminine color that attracts attention, so you must be very confident when you wear it. You can easily use this color for pink and white nails, but if you opt for such a manicure, create a balance by choosing a neutral tone for your pedicure.

Pink acrylic nails

Pink acrylic nails are matched to a playful and sweet personality. They can also be elegant when used in the right shade of pink, or combination, like pink and white nails. I guarantee you’ll be surprised by the results, just try them!

Here you can find pink acrylic nails in many variations, with flowers, lace, rhinestones or other applications.

Pink and white gel nails

Pink and white gel nails are a good option if you want long and beautiful, properly groomed nails, all the time. Gel nails spare you of caring after a sloppy manicure and the designs are very diverse.