Beautiful Nail Designs & Ideas for Summer

Summer nail trends are always cheerful and bold! The delicate and almost imperceptible French manicure is still in the spotlight, but for beautiful nail designs, its natural color should be highlighted with rhinestones and glitter. The main trends in nail colors are metallic, sandy textures and pastel macaroons shades. More than ever, beautiful nail designs are like a calling card and therefore need to be in tune with your personality.

  1. Nail-patches

Nail patches are found in every summer collection, of all the beauty brands. There are stickers in various colors and patterns available. They have a much longer life span than regular varnish. In addition, they don’t affect the nail in any way, unlike nail polish that contains harmful ingredients when used in excess.

  1. Nail Art

Nail Art allows you to show off your bold side! You can easily express your personality with a unique design. This way you can make a statement with your manicure, which is often underestimated. I’m not talking about minimalist flowers, but of abstract, colorful designs, created by artists that are able to draw true works of art.

  1. French manicure

The classic French manicure, in its usual form, with a white stripe on the tip of the nail with a transparent finish, is no longer fashionable. Its place was taken, since last year, by moon manicure. Made of two complementary colors, the moon style implies applying a base color, over which comes a second layer of color drawn as a crescent moon on the nail.

  1. Metallic shades

Metallic varnishes, from silver to copper and gold, are not for everyone and clearly they can’t be associated with office outfits. They require courage and nonconformity and you must posses a personality as strong as the nail color.

  1. Macaroons

Among the manicure trends the Macaroon style, that vivid, absolutely delicious French pastry, is very well received. Neon yellow, green, raspberry pink, plum purple, reddish orange and juicy peach can all be used to create beautiful nail designs this summer. Also, discrete shades like white make a plea for elegant, feminine beauty in terms of beautiful nail designs. Pale pink, light green, light lilac, pistachio, beige, sky blue, mate, not pearl are all star colors this summer.

  1. Sandy textures

Sandy textures are always a big hit, but this summer pinks are replaced by dark colors, from black to indigo blue.