Awesome Nails Designs Ideas for Short Nails

Brief History of Manicuring

Manicure started in China
Manicure started in China

Painting one’s nail started 3,000 years ago in China wherein the royalties use gelatin, bees’ wax, vegetable dyes and things alike to beautify their fingers. In adding color, they mostly use petals coming from roses or orchids that come in the shades of pink and red. As years passed, innovation come to rise as this beautifying method is not only limited with the monarchs, but made available to all people of classes. Also, painting one’s nails is not limited plain painting because some uses gems and stone to accentuate them.

Importance of Manicuring

Manicure in a salon.
Manicure in a salon.

Having your nails manicured means that you are very practical when it comes to your personal cleanliness. Before, this beauty habit is only done to look neat and presentable. but nowadays, due to the innovation in today’s fashion and trends, manicuring became a vehicle to showcase one’s taste that can complement one’s outfit and style. Also, the offbeat designs invented by people showcase the artistry and creative imagination they have.There are plenty of designs available and the limit is always your imagination.

The Basic: Short Acrylic Nail Designs

One of the basic simple design for short nails is the one with acrylic paint. This liquid can be found in any department stores or any beauty specialty shop, making its use frequent and popular. For short nails, acrylic painting is a favorite because it is easy to apply and the drying time is fast. Women who are always on the go and in a hurry would do this style because it is easy to achieve. You may experiment with various colors that can complement your natural skin color for a stand-out look.

Animated Simple Nail Designs for Short Nails

If you find the first one a little boring and you want some off-beat accent to your fingernails, then these animated nail designs for short nails are perfect for your need. To achieve these look, you will be needing a black base that will serve as the outline. Next, you will be needing a different color of nail polish that will fill in the inside of the black base. The last step is to apply a colorless polish for a glossy look.

Cute Nail Designs for Short Nails

Unleash the child in you and reminisce the fun childhood you had with these cartoon nail designs for short nails. Better have a friend who can paint your nails to achieve a precise copy of the cartoon you like. But if you do not have that artistic friend, there are cartoon-inspired nail stickers available in the market, online or department stores that can give you the same vibe.

Textured Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

When a smooth polished nail bore you, well fret not because you can add textures to your nails. You can choose from various surfaces like matte, glitters, beads, sequins and things alike. Aside from giving you a different texture, these styles add off-beat vibe to your look.

Exotic Beauty: Animal Prints

Unleash the wild side in you without looking ill-mannered or plain with these animal print inspired polishes for short nails. Choose from zebra, dalmatian, turtle, leopard, giraffe and prints alike while combining the colors that can match your mood and personality. These animal prints add a vibe of a strong femme-fatale on your ensemble. In achieving this style, a precise hand is needed. But if you do not have that skill, fret not because there are available stickers in stores.

Line Patterned Cute Nail Designs for Short Nails

Line patterns are the best for people who want to keep a stylized look in a neat manner. The lines come in precise styling unlike those animated and textured polishes. Some of the hacks that you can use to achieve straight lines include a use of toothpicks in drawing lines or the edge of a scotch tape.


Gradient Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

Gradient nail designs for short nails come with a feminine beauty and grace, plus a calming effect of the mix of colors. This gradient design is popularly called as ombre (a hair coloring technique) where two different colors are mixed gradually to achieve a stylized look. The basic tool needed to achieve this look, aside from the polish and brush, is a make-up sponge where colors will be dipped to achieve a flawless and seamless mix of colors.

Fruity Nail Designs for Short Nails

These fruity nail designs for short nails are perfect for girls who are ready to conquer the summer heat. These fruits bring a refreshing and cute vibe to any girls’ fingers. Whether you choose from watermelon to apple or banana to kiwi, these designs are totally worth a try.

These nail designs for short nails are just guides and inspirations where you can base your next nail adventure. You can mix and match one design with other or one print with another. Never limit your imagination and ideas when it comes to fashion and design because these fields are open to any possibilities.