60+ Sexy Tattoos for Women with Meanings

There’s always a story behind a tattoo. And you can be certain that when a women gets inked, it is very much symbolic for a variety of reasons. It can either be a reflection of her inner persona or something she is absolutely passionate about. Therefore, whilst choosing a tattoo, you want to be certain that it is a depiction of something absolutely relevant. If you are apprehensive about the kind of tattoo design you want to embark on your body, check out this article for stunning and fascinating ideas.

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Unsure about where to get inked?

There are several places on a woman’s beautiful body to get a tattoo. Right from the back of your ear to your ankle, every place is the right place to get a tattoo. The choice of the perfect place would be based on your pain tolerance levels. It is obviously a personal choice where to get inked. You will come across numerous beautiful and meaningful tattoos for women, no matter where you decide to get inked.

The most common place where women get inked is the inner wrist or the forearm. It is suitable for women who do not want tattoo designs which are loud. Petite and cute forearm tattoos for women can either be a symbol or of a quote or a word you love.

Bicep Tattoos for women

Women who love tattoos but have to hide it due to their work or professional demand, can get inked on their biceps. This is another great area where women can have sexy tattoos or even have their favorite quotes written. Moreover, Bicep is one area where getting inked will be a lot less painful but would still look absolutely chic.

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Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Tattoo fanatic women who love creative and gorgeous designs often go for sleeve tattoos which are very vibrant and colorful. The reason they are called sleeve tattoos is obviously because they run right from your arms all the way to your wrists. Now in case of a sleeve tattoo, you can be very innovative and offer the artist you own ideas of a design you wish to carry.

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Now, you will find numerous variations in a sleeve tattoo, say for instance tribal tattoos for women. Tribal tattoos for women are very symbolic and their designs are very artistic. They generally are in the monochrome shade and can be only half sleeve depending on the pattern you choose.


Another variation in the sleeve tattoo for women is the rose pattern. The rose pattern on the sleeve is perfect because it looks absolutely stunning and the arm offers enough space to create a blossoming rose.If you love roses and you adore tattoos, this is the perfect design for you.


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Sleeve Tattoos for women also include lace pattern which are crafted with white ink and appear oh so gorgeous and stunning. All you have to do is pick up your favorite lace design and stroll over to your tattoo artist. Of course, these lace designs can also be crafted in black or in vibrant colors for more dramatic effects.


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Neck Tattoos for Women

Now, neck tattoos can either be pretty designs on the back of your neck. Or they can be voluminous and gorgeous designs on the front. You must have noticed beautiful and quite unconventional variations in neck tattoos for women. However, these tattoos placed either on the back or the front of the neck appear extremely stunning and quite feminine.

Some tattoo patterns on the back of the neck are either made of symbols or they depict quotes or sayings. Neck tattoos are mostly seen on women as they look very sensual and sexy.


You must have noticed variety of designs which are crafted exactly in the center of the back of your neck. This is a very conventional placement of tattoo. However, if you want to be experimental and playful with your tattoo, you can choose a design which starts from the centre and runs towards your shoulder.


Another unconventional way of creating a tattoo is designing it like a neckline. This pattern is commonly seen on celebrities and looks absolutely chic. You can use your favorite quote or you can select a gorgeous design to create this back neck tattoos for women.


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Apart from these, some sexy tattoos for women also include designs created at the side of your neck. In this case, the most common is either a butterfly, birds or angel tattoos for women. These may run from the hind side of your ear to the side of your neck or maybe till your shoulders if you are going to use some quotes are your tattoo design. Colorful or monochrome, these look absolutely stunning and very very sensuous.



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The front of the neck is an awesome place to get your tattoo. You can be very creative and playful in this area. Moreover, you can come up with the chicest and fascinating designs for the front part of your neck. You can get a necklace inked on your neck or get the design of your favorite choker necklace. A simple monochrome tattoo or a vibrant colorful tattoo will definitely appear splendid and incredible.


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Chest Tattoos for women

This is one of the hottest places to get a tattoo. You can get a chest tattoo over your breasts or under them. You can also be innovative and choose a design which starts from one side of your shoulders and runs till your breasts creating a very unique yet absolutely artistic design.


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Another popular variation in chest tattoos for women are the creation of beautiful rose designs on the top of breasts. Apart from roses, there are numerous other patterns that offer an impressive outlook. You can also get your favorite quote inked combined with petite and chic designs.




Under the chest tattoos for women is a trend started by the very popular singer Rihanna. She depicted a gorgeous under the chest tattoos which was not only mesmerizing but also looked quite intriguing. Since then, there have been numerous under the chest tattoo designs both in monochrome or vivacious colors.


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These designs run all along the length of the breasts. However, before these got popular, the designs on just a single side under the chest was pretty common. These designs included writing a single quote under one of your breasts or a crafting a pattern which started from your under your breasts and ran up to your waist.



Thigh Tattoos for Women

This is another awesome place for women to create stunning tattoos. Unique tattoos for women can be created on the thigh area which will imbibe sexy designs. Dragon tattoos for women are generally created on the thigh area and they appear absolutely stunning. The dragon tattoos for women are generally crafted on the side of the thigh and run till the knee. These tattoos look absolutely majestic and dazzling.

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There are a variety of other gorgeous designs for the side thigh area which appear absolutely stunning. Make sure you choose a very sensuous and artistic design to make you look gorgeous.


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Another amazing design is that of a lace carving crafted along the length of the thigh. These laces designs are just the right pattern for someone who is looking for sensuous and sexy tattoos for women. These look like you are wearing a garter and would look so chic and classy when you wear a slit dress or a short skirt.



These garter designs are often carved on the hind side of the thigh too. They look not only unique but also sensuous. This is one of the tattoo designs which is very close to your feminine side and one you definitely consider to enhance your sensuality.



Another popular thigh tattoo design is getting your quote ink on the side or the front of your thigh. If you love a quote that is quite big and imbibes more than one sentence, you might consider getting it inked on your thigh. These thigh quote tattoos are quite stunning and impressive. You can also design one thigh with a quote and combine the other thigh with a gorgeous pattern which might be symbolic to you.



Skull tattoos for women is also a very gorgeous design. You can choose a simple yet stunning outline of a skull designed with a monochrome pattern or you can go all out and get a colorful and vibrant skull tattooed on your thigh.



Other mesmerizing thigh tattoos for women include designs like rose, tribal elephant design or a butterfly pattern. These tattoo designs are quite vivacious and bold.



There are many other varieties of feminine and pretty tattoo designs for women which are sensuous, cute and bold at the same time. For instance, angel tattoos for women are pretty common. Women craft these tattoos either on their shoulder, ankle or ginormous angel wings are often tattooed on the back of women who love bold tattoos. Many who admire and appreciate meaningful tattoos for women choose either quotes or something very symbolic to them. Music and love quotes and symbols are very common in this category.





With so many choices available, no matter which feminine tattoo design you decide to choose, you can be proud to have a few on your body. So, go ahead and tatt yourself!