How to Wear Tunic Dress with Jeans: 15 Outfit Ideas

best tunic dress with jeans outfits

The tunic dress is a very special item that you can wear it with leggings, jeans or without any of those. You can easily build a stylish and casual outfit around the tunic dress. Besides, the tunic dress is so loosely fit that it is extremely easy to pull off regardless of your body type. Today, I am going to more specifically talk about how to wear a tunic dress with jeans to create a layered outfit. I have collected some of the best tunic dress and jeans outfit ideas. Let’s dive right in.

White Tunic Dress with Dark Blue Skinny Jeans


For a casual and ladylike look, you can choose a white tunic dress that comes with some feminine lace details around the collar and the hem. Pair it with dark blue skinny jeans and brown leather open toe short boots to achieve a casual and breezy look.

Grey Tunic Dress with Ripped Skinny Jeans

grey tunic dress ripped skinny jeans

Grey top and blue jeans are often a good combination that looks cozy and casual. As an example, wear a grey tunic dress with blue ripped skinny jeans. Throw in the brown leather ankle boots and the brown leather purse in the mix to add a stylish touch to the low key beautiful outfit.

Black and White Striped Tunic Dress with Jeans & Boots

black and white striped tunic dress jeans boots

For those of you who love casual outfits, I am pretty sure that you should have a black and white striped t shirt of a navy and white one in your wardrobe. Looks like the black and white striped tunic dress looks equally well when it is paired with dark blue skinny jeans. Pair the pieces with brown knee high leather boots to complete a stylish look.

Blue Jeans with White Tunic Dress with Slit

blue jeans white tunic dress with slit

A lot of the tunic dresses you can get have a cool slit design. It allows you to show more of your jeans and that can make your legs look longer. For example, this outfit consists of a white tunic dress with a slit and blue skinny jeans. Very creatively, they are paired with pink loafers to create a casual street look.

Black Tunic Dress Over Boyfriend Jeans

black tunic dress mom jeans

The black tee and boyfriend jeans combination is a timeless casual outfit that a lot of us wear in the summer and fall. Now, replace the black t shirt with a black tunic dress and you get a even more stylish minimal outfit. You can simply pair it with black ballet heels to add a feminine touch to the outfit.

White Button Up Tunic Dress with Black Long Blazer

white button up tunic dress black long blazer

Here is a casual outfit that looks decent enough to wear for work on casual Fridays. To achieve this look, you can wear a white button up tunic dress with a long black blazer. Pair them with cuffed boyfriend jeans and cheetah ballet heels to complete this stylish business casual work outfit.

Navy Printed Belted Tunic Dress with Cuffed Jeans

navy printed belted tunic dress cuffed jeans

Here is a playful outfit that you may want to try when you are on vacation. It consists of a navy printed tunic dress that comes with a brown belt, cuffed skinny jeans and black heeled sandals. Wear a black floppy hat to add an artistic touch to the overall look. If you are interested in outfit ideas of similar hats, you may want to take a look at our blog post on how to style a black floppy hat.

Black Printed Tunic Dress with Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

black printed tunic dress ripped boyfriend jeans

This is a super casual outfit that is perfect for casual hangouts. You can simply wear a black floral loose fit tunic top with ripped boyfriend jeans. Wear white sandals and a white fringe purse to be consistent with the casual feel.

White Strapless Tunic Dress Over Black Flared Jeans

white strapless tunic dress black flared jeans

Most of the time, tunic dresses are loosely fit and very comfortable to wear. This particular tunic dress is a rare case where the design is so sexy. It is a white strapless tunic dress that can make you stand out in a cocktail party or a formal event. You can wear it over black flared jeans and black ankles strap open toe heels to create a unique and elegant look.

Black Tunic Dress with Skinny Jeans & Heels

black tunic dress skinny jeans heels

For a minimal business casual outfit, you can wear a black tunic dress with blue skinny jeans and black open toe heels. The combination is so simple and the pieces just happen to match well with each other. It is a versatile outfit that is very easy to pull off.

Grey Babydoll Dress with Chambray Shirt & Jeans

grey babydoll dress denim jacket jeans

For a ladylike look that has an artistic touch, you can wear a grey babydoll dress with a chambray shirt and a denim vest. For the bottom, wear blue ripped skinny jeans and black ankle boots. A black floppy hat would be perfect for providing an artistic touch to the outfit. The layered top part of the outfit makes this outfit look so stylish.

White Floral Tunic Over Jeans

white floral tunic over jeans

If you don’t want to look stylish or cool, here is a cozy outfit that can make you look kind and poise. You can simply wear a white floral tunic dress over light blue mom jeans. Wear brown leather open toe ankle boots to add just a little bit of style to the outfit.

White Maxi Tunic Over Skinny Jeans

white maxi tunic over skinny jeans

It is rare to see a tunic dress extends all the way to the ankle. This particular white maxi tunic dress indeed looks good with the skinny jeans. Very creatively, the outfit is paired with gold slip-on shoes.

Chambray Belted Tunic Dress with White Jeans

chambray belted tunic dress white jeans

For a casual outfit that you can wear when you just want to quickly go out and get something to eat, you can wear a chambray belted tunic dress with white skinny jeans. Wear nude heeled sandals to complete the casual outfit with an elegant touch.

Black Tribal Printed Tunic with White Jeans

black tribal printed tunic white jeans

Here is another outfit that involves the white jeans. You can simply pair the white jeans with a black tribal printed tunic dress. Wear pale pink heels to complete the outfit.

Here are some really beautiful and interesting tunic dress outfit ideas that I have just shared with you. As you can see, most of the outfits are very easy to pull off. Let’s try them on and expand your outfit game.