14 Best Tips on What to Wear with a Yellow Raincoat

What are you wearing in a rainy day? Have you considered wearing the iconic yellow raincoat instead of just using an umbrella. It is for sure that the raincoat can really protect you from the rain but it can actually do more these days. Yellow raincoats these days are so well designed that they can actually look really good with your normal outfits. In this blog post, I have put together a list of outfit ideas to explore what to wear with a yellow raincoat and look good. Let’s check them out now.

Yellow Raincoat with Navy and White Striped Tee & Rain Boots

yellow raincoat navy and white striped t shirt

As yellow and navy is beautiful color combination, it makes sense to wear a navy and white horizontal striped t shirt with the yellow raincoat. To pair with them, wear skinny jeans and black knee high rain boosts. This rainy-day outfit is both functional and beautiful.

Wear with White Vest Top & Skinny Jeans

yellow raincoat white vest top skinny jeans

As a very simple casual outfit, you can wear a white vest top and skinny jeans with the yellow raincoat. The only issue with this outfit is that, unlike the previous outfit idea, you would probably not want to take off the raincoat as the vest top and skinny jeans outfit is can be a little underdressed.

Wear with Polka Dot Mini Dress

polka dot mini dress yellow raincoat

As a chic way to wear the yellow raincoat, wear it with a navy and white polka dot mini dress. Complete the outfit with brown oxford shoes. The raincoat matches so perfectly with the rest of the outfit that it almost looks like a yellow blazer. By the way, you may also want to check out our other blog post on oxford shoes outfit ideas.

Midi Raincoat with White Tee & Jeans


You can have a very different style with a longer yellow raincoat that ends around mid-calf. Simple pair it with a white t shirt and cuffed jeans. Not only that the longer raincoat makes you look more unique, it actually can help you cover more of your body and protect it from the rain.

Wear with Black Lace Dress & Knee High Rain Boots

yellow raincoat black lace dress rain boots

This is another example that the yellow raincoat can look good with a dress. Simply wear a knee length black lace dress and knee high rain boots with the raincoat. It is quite amazing to see how raincoats and rain boots can look so good as pieces of a beautiful outfit.

Wear with Denim Shirt & Black and White Striped Sweater

blue shirt black and white striped sweater raincoat

Here is another outfit that involves the yellow raincoat and the knee high rain boots. Wear a blue denim shirt and layer a white striped sweater over it. For the bottom, simply wear black skinny jeans with the rain boots. The layering with this outfit makes this an elegant looking outfit that simply makes you stand out from the crowd in the rain.

Wear with Black and White Striped T Shirt Dress

black and white striped tee dress yellow raincoat

For a feminine look, you can wear a black and white striped t shirt dress under the yellow raincoat. To look more matched with the rainy weather and also to keep yourself warm, wear black leggings with black knee high rain boots.

Wear with Grey Knit Sweater & Denim Shorts

yellow raincoat grey knit sweater denim shorts

For a casual and low key sexy street look, try pair the raincoat with a grey knit sweater and denim shorts. To achieve the sexy look, make the shorts a little bit shorter than the raincoat to show off your long legs.

Yellow Raincoat Over Red Vest Top

red vest top yellow raincoat jeans

In a look that has more contrast in color. Wear a red vest top under the yellow raincoat. Complete the outfit with jeans and black rain boots. The color combination of yellow, red, blue and black is going to make you look sharp and smart in a greyish rainy day.

Wear with Black and White Horizontal Striped T Shirt Dress

horizontal striped t shirt dress yellow raincoat

This is a very interesting outfit that makes good use of the layering technique. Above the black and white horizontal striped t shirt dress, you can see that there is a layer made of the denim jacket. Over them, it is the yellow raincoat. Not only that the long coat over jacket is kind of unique, you can imagine that the outfit is still a complete complete when you take off the raincoat.

Wear with Grey and White Wide Striped Sweater

wide striped sweater yellow raincoat cuffed jeans

Raincoats these are often very well designed with beautiful details. For example, you can see the black and white stripes around the hood and sleeves area of this yellow raincoat. You can wear it elegantly with a grey and white wide-striped sweater and cuffed jeans.

White Knit Sweater, Denim Shorts & Rain Boots

yellow raincoat white knit sweater

For a rainy day in the fall or the spring, you can consider this outfit. Simple wear the white knit sweater and the yellow raincoat for the top. Pair them with denim shorts and knee high rain boots to complete this stylish casual outfit.

Maxi Yellow Raincoat with White Vest Top & Cuffed Jeans

maxi yellow raincoat vest top red heels

It is rare to see a maxi yellow raincoat that basically extends all the way to the ankle. To be honest, I think it is more for the look than for actually walking in the rain, given that it is not easy to walk with such long coat. But I still want to put it here in the list simply because of how unique and stylish it looks. To style such a raincoat, you can simply wear a white vest top and cuffed jeans.

So, there are some tips and ideas on what to wear with a yellow raincoat. I hope that you will find this type of scenario-based or weather-based outfit blog post interesting. I definitely write this blog post to answer a question that I want to know the answer for. Now, for those of us that don’t like to bring an umbrella or those that like to wear a raincoat even with an umbrella. We no longer need to worry about looking awkward by wearing clothes that don’t match well with the raincoat. Before you leave, if you like this blog post, make sure you check out our other outfit idea throughout the website as well.