How to Wear Forest Green and Looking Amazing

best ways to wear forest green

I sometimes feel like I am too much of a fan of popular colours like grey, black, white and blue. Those are colors that are easy to style. At the same time, I don’t want to have a fixed mindset when it comes to outfit ideas. I want to proud to say to my friends that I have a growth mindset. Variety is good for outfits because there are 365 days in a year. In this blog post, I am going to explore one of the most beautiful non-stream colors for outfits: the forest green.

Dark Green Knit Sweater & Forest Green Skirt


I am going to start off the list with a girl-next-door beautiful outfit. Match a dark green knit sweater with a forest green mini skirt. Complete the outfit with leggings and black ballet heels. The feel of the outfit is perfectly suited for the mood of the fall and the winter.

White Shirt Dress with Forest Green Blazer

white shirt dress forest green blazer heeled sandals

This outfit can very likely make you look slimmer and taller. It consists of the white button shirt dress that is layered under a forest green blazer. For the best result, pair the blazer with color-matching heeled sandals.

Green Faux Fur Jacket

forest green faux fur sweater

For a unique and eye catching look, you can wear a green faux fur jacket. Pair it with a grey mini skirt, stockings and black heels.

Black Cropped Leather Jacket & Green Jeans

black cropped leather jacket forest jeans jeans

For those of you who like to try jeans with crazy colors like pink and red, the forest green is no where near that crazy yet very unique looking. You can wear the skinny forest green jeans with a plaid shirt that is layered under a black leather jacket. Complete the outfit with black ankle boots.

Green Knee Length Dress with Brown Belt

green knee length dress brown belt

As a business casual work outfit, you can try wear the green, knee-length dress with black heels. The thick brown belt can really spice up the outfit and also make your waistline look more obvious.

Green Coat with Black Leggings & Oxford Shoes

green coat black leggings oxford shoes

As a very simple winter look, you can simply wear a big, long forest green coat that actually covers most of your body. In side the coat, you can simply wear a white shirt and a pencil skirt. For the bottom, wear black leggings with oxford shoes.

Green Sweater with Black and White Striped Pencil Skirt

forest green sweater black and white striped skirt

For a business casual look that is suitable for the spring, you can wear a green slim fit sweater with a black and striped pencil skirt. To look even more low key, simply replace the skirt with a black pencil or flare skirt.

Forest Green Blazer with Orange Blouse

forest green blazer orange blouse floral pants

This is a good example of how unconventional color combination can make you look creative and fun. Simply wear an orange blouse with a forest green blazer for the top. Instead of keeping it safe by paring with black pants or skinny jeans, the outfit gets crazier when put together with navy floral pants. The contrast of orange, green and navy are stunning, but you really need to try them on and see how it looks as some people just don’t look good with crazy colors.

White Button Up Shirt with Forest Green Pants

white button up shirt forest green pants

One thing I like about the white button up shirt so much is that you can wear it pants of any color. You can look at least decent as long as the cutting of the shirt and the pants fit your body and you make a good choice of shoes to go along with you pants. For this outfit, simply wear the white shirt with forest green skinny pants. The brown suede ankle boots would be the perfect shoes to wear.

Long Sleeve Forest Green Shirt with Black Skinny Pants

long sleeve forest green shirt black skinny pants

Green button shirt is not that commonly seen. If you can get one, you can simple wear it black skinny pants and pale pink heels. Alternatively, white jeans will also look good with the outfit.

Green Cardigan over Floral Sundress

green cardigan floral skirt heeled sandals

For a refreshing spring look, you can try wear a grey or green floral sundress and have the forest green cardigan layered over it. Wear heeled sandals will suit the outfit well. For a beach or lake hangout, it is perfect to wear a grass hat with this outfit.

Forest Green Knit Sweater with Plaid Scarf

forest green knit sweater plaid scarf

For a beautiful and low key winter look that is not clunky at all, you can wear a green comfy knit sweater with a plaid scarf for the top. Pair them with leggings and black ankle boots.

Wear Green Blazer with Cheetah Scarf

green blazer cheetah scarf

This is another low key beautiful winter outfit that you can wear to work . Wear the green blazer over a grey t shirt. For the bottom, just wear black skinny pants and heeled sandals. The magic of this outfit is in the cheetah scarf.

Green Long Sleeve Fit and Flare Dress

forest green long sleeve fit and flare dress

As a absolutely minimal outfit, simply wear a long sleeve, forest green fit and flare dress. Complete the simple but amazing looking outfit with black leggings and leather ankle boots. By the way, if you like fit and flare dresses, make sure that you check out our other blog post on this topic.

Green Cable Knit Sweater with White Tee & Jeans

green cable knit sweater white tee jeans

I have talked about quite a few business casual outfits. Let’s talk about a casual street outfit now. For this stylish casual outfit, simply wear a white t shirt with a green cable knit sweater over it. Wear them with blue jeans and white sneakers.

Here are some of my favorite ways to style forest green that I have just shared with you. Not saying your usual black, white, grey, and blue outfits are boring as you can have thousands of combination just from those colors, I just want to explore using different colors and hopeful inspire you to add more variety to your usual outfit ideas. If you are still looking for more outfit ideas, you are in the right place. Check navigate to different parts of our website and check out thousands of outfit ideas.