15 Best White Floor Length Dress Outfit Ideas

When you hear “white floor length dress”, what do you think of immediately? I think that most people, like me, would think of wedding dresses. For this blog post, I want to be a little more open-minded that I would explore different styles of white floor length dresses, including those that can be worn as wedding dresses and those that are considered as prom dresses. As long as the result is pretty, it is okay to wear a dress that looks kind of like a wedding dress in a prom. Just make sure you don’t do that for a wedding, unless you are the bride. In this blog post, I am going to show you some of the best looking white floor length dress outfits. Let’s check out the list I have put together now.

White Deep V Neck Pleated Floor Length Dress


I am starting off the list with a dress that has a minimal design and some beautiful details. It is a white deep v neck pleated long dress. Not only that the deep v neck cutting makes this dress eye catching, the silver sequin straps make the dress look so much more elegant and they simply take the dress to another level. Simply wear the white dress with a pair of silver heels to complete this amazing outfit.

White Strapless Pleated Maxi Dress

white strapless pleated maxi dress

For a more sexy look, you can choose a white strapless floor length dress. A strapless dress like this one usually has a skinny fit cutting for the upper part and a loosely fit cutting for the lower part, making you look slimmer and taller. It is an example of using the famous tight-top-loose-bottom trick. To complete the outfit in a lovely way, wear white heels, a white floral bracelet and floral earrings.

Deep V Neck High Split Satin Floor Length Dress

deep v neck high split satin floor length dress

Why are there so people that love to wear high split dresses? Some may argue that a high split dress looks more sexy than a mini dress, even though a mini dress actually makes you show more skin than a high split dress. I think it is human nature that we tend that be more curious about things that you can kind of see, but not very clearly. And it’s that curiosity that makes a high split dress look sexy. This dress actually takes a step further. Not only that it is a high split dress, it is also a deep v neck dress. Simply pair the dress with silver heels to complete this stunning outfit.

Two-Toned Sweetheart Neckline Empire Waist Dress

two toned sweetheart neckline empire waist dress

This is another extremely sexy dress. This time, it is a two-toned dress, with the top part being a gold and white sequin sweetheart neckline top, and the bottom part being an long flowy semi-sheer white skirt. Wear gold open toe heels with the dress to add an extra touch of elegance.

White Spaghetti Strap Floor Length Dress

white spaghetti strap floor length dress

For a relative low-key sexy look, you can wear this spaghetti strap floor length dress instead of a strapless one. Wear silver heels and a crystal bracelet to achieve this minimal and elegant look.

White Chiffon Halter Long Dress

white chiffon halter long dress

When you see a halter dress in a cocktail party or a prom, there is a little surprise that you can actually expect. A halter neck design usually comes with backless cutting, so expect the dress to look sexy from the back. This white chiffon halter floor length dress is an example of such sexy backless dress. For those of you that have a beautiful back and beautiful skin, wearing a dress like this is a chance for you to shine.

White Maxi Dress with Silver Heels

white maxi dress silver heels

This is a low profile gathered waist white maxi dress. Although there are so many fancy dresses that we can wear for cocktail parties, the reality is that there are time that we just want to dress beautiful enough to respect the event but don’t want to take over the party with sexy dresses. A dress like this would be perfect to achieve the goal. Simply wear the white dress with silver ankle strap open toe heels for a minimal and beautiful look.

White Single Strap Sweetheart Neckline Floor Length Dress

white single strap sweetheart neckline floor length dress

This white one-strap floor length dress would be a good one to wear for a wedding photoshoot because it has some nice floral element on the single strap which can be associated with wedding. Imagine how beautiful the picture would look if the bride wears the dress and runs cheerfully on a beach.

Long Sleeve Fit and Flare Maxi Dress

long sleeve fit and flare maxi dress

For a super casual look, you can wear a cotton long sleeve fit and flare floor length dress. Wear black ballet heels to complete the breezy and casual outfit.

White Lace and Chiffon High Split Dress

white lace and chiffon high split dress

This white dress is a two-toned dress, with the top part being a white semi-sheer lace top and the bottom part being a chiffon high split skirt. Simple wear silver heels to complete the outfit. I think this dress with the semi-sheer design at the waist area is a little too sexy and not elegant enough to be the main dress in a wedding. But you could definitely wear it as one of the three or four dresses you would wear for a wedding photoshoot.

White Boho Style Flowy Floor Length Dress

white boho style flowy floor length dress

This is a dress that has a complete different feel. It is a white boho style floor length dress that has a nice breezy feel. Pair it with a boho necklace, silver cuff bracelets and nude sandals to complete this outfit with style.

White Long Sleeve Lace Flowy Dress

white long sleeve lace flowy dress

Here is a beautiful dress that can make you look amazing especially for an outdoor photoshoot. It can definitely be worn for a prom too. It is a white lace floor length flowy dress. Simple wear this semi-sheer dress with nude heeled sandals to look amazing.

Three-Quarter Sleeve White Floral Maxi Dress

three quarter white floral maxi dress

This is the kind of dress that you would want to wear on vacation, especially on a cruise trip. It is a white floral floor length dress that can make you look refreshing and cheerful.

White Tribal Printed Maxi Dress

white tribal printed maxi dress

Here is another white floor length dress that can make you look amazing. It is a white boho style tribal printed long dress that can make you look beautiful and stylish.

White Boho Gathered Waist Floor Length Dress

white boho gathered waist floor length dress

For a more feminine look, wear a white gathered waisted floor length dress. Wear silver open toe heels and a silver cuff bracelet to complete this minimal outfit with an elegant touch.

Here are the white floor length dress outfit ideas that I really want to share with you. I actually love the idea of wearing white to a cocktail party more than wearing black, as it can often make you look happier. Anyway, give the mentioned outfit ideas a try and find the one that suits you.