How to Wear White Lace Dress: 12 Best Outfit Ideas

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Lace, as a material, originally dates from the sixteenth century. But, even though it is few centuries old, it hasn’t lost its value, especially when it comes to the white lace dresses.
Wearing white lace means that you have one quite sophisticated and romantic look. The material looks very delicate, so it is mostly used for making and jeweling the wedding gowns.

But, that is not the only way to wear the white lace dress. You can make it tougher with the great black leather jacket, or the pair of biker boots. You can also wear it in boho style or casual for every day.
The key is to keep it simple and classy because the dress is already a statement.

Scroll down to see the best and most stylish outfit ideas that I have prepared for you today.


wrapped white lace dress
This is a wonderful outfit that you will adore to wear. It consists of the navy-blue blazer, which is wrapped with the fine belt and white lace dress under it.
Besides being very elegant, it is also wearable for many different occasions, such as late dinner with your friends or colleagues and for more formal events, like weddings are.
Pair it with the black stilettos, and you will have a winner combo.

Modern Lace

modern white lace dress
This is a great dress that has more than one lace pattern on it. On the sleeves you can see transparent polka dots, and the bottom is full of ruffles and different lace material.
This dress can be worn for more formal situations. If you pair it with the flats and jacket you can also soothe the elegance of the dress and wear it every day.

Gothic Romance

romantic gothic white lace dress
Originally, the lace was the most popular material in the gothic style. Nowadays, lot of girls are wearing gothic elements in the modern way, pairing it with the leather jackets or ankle boots.
This is one interesting dress. It has a fringe all over it, and they look amazing when they are made of lace.
You can wear it with the flats or high heel sandals.

White Midi Dress

midi white lace dress
If you need something for the hot summer days in the city, this is the outfit for you. It revolves aroud a great white lace midi dress, that you will love. You can wear it every day, for casual walk, going to the market or for a drink outside in a some nice bar.
Pair it with the leather sandals, or flip-flops.

Winter Ready

winter white lace dress
Did you ever think you will wear white lace dress on the snowy winter day? I hope you will change your mind, after seeing this outfit.
This is a great outfit that consists of white lace dress, black over-the-knee boots, and long, sleeveless knitted sweater. All this is jeweled with the thin belt.
You can wear it for an evening dinner with your significant other, or for more formal events like birthday celebrations or weddings.

Maxi Transparent

maxi transparent white lace dress
If you don’t have problem with showing a little bit of skin under the lace, here is one great outfit for you.
It is definitely not provocative nor cheap-looking because it is very closely cut in the bodice. The dress is quite interesting. Pairing it with the cowboy ankle boots will get you a great mixture of romantic and edgy look.
Wear it for special occasions or if you are brave, wear it every day.

Layered White Lace Dress

layered white lace dress
This is a beautiful white dress, with the V-neckline. It is great for summer days spent on the hot and warm city concrete. It is midi length and it has two layers, so it looks like you are wearing two dresses at the same time.
The upper part is more open, so you can put on a bunch of necklaces.
You can wear it with the simple leather sandals or flats.

Asymmetric is beautiful

asymmetric white lace dress
Yes, asymmetric can be very beautiful and to look amazing, stylish and interesting at the same time.
On the photo above, you can see the wrapped white lace dress, that has a bow on the waist and checked lace pattern. The sleeves are wide and very flattering. If you look more carefully you will see the delicate radiance that the lace has. It looks magnificent.
This outfit can be worn at the elegant events, such as cocktail parties, birthdays, or weddings.

Wet Look

wet look white lace dress
Just imagine yourself down on the the beach, you have just got out from the water. You have the bikini and your white lace dress on you.
The great way to style your summer outfit is definitely with the white lace dress. It goes great with your sun-kissed skin and barefoot.
You can add a fedora hat for a more edgy look.

Boho Lifestyle

boho white lace dress
Boho and white lace are best friends when it comes to the dresses. Most of the bohemian style is based on the white lace and ankle boots.
In the photo above, you can see the midi white lace dress, in the boho style, paired with the black bag and ankle boots.
It is appropriate to wear this outfit for almost every occasion and everyday event.

Vintage Lace

vintage white lace dress
There is nothing more beautiful than the vintage lace on the dress. When the dress is maxi length it gets even better.
This is one great mix of the boho and vintage outfit, that you can wear all the time. It is comfortable, and flattering to your body line.
The best way to wear it is to be barefoot, but if you can’t, try flip-flops or leather sandals to give the outfit summer-by-the-sea vibe.

V-Neck is always good idea

v neck white lace dress
This is a classic, yet chic and elegant white lace dress. You can see in the photo above that it has a v-neckline, different lace patterns and it is midi length.
It is paired with the popular lace-up sandals made of brown leather. The bag is in the same color and it is giving the nice finish off to the whole outfit.

These were the 12 most stylish ways that you can wear and combine the white lace dress. Don’t be afraid to wear it in fall or winter days, just be sure that you will feel warm. It is also one of the best options for wearing in the hot summer days.
I hope that you like this article. If you are a big lace fan, be sure to read the post about black lace dresses.