26 Stunning Ideas for Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Brown hair color has many fans worldwide because it’s classy, deep, exquisite and elegant. Brunettes have the advantage of having brown as a natural hair color. However, they can always have fun by refreshing their natural hair color using caramel, honey, purple, ash, ivory, ombre, blonde, gold, etc streaks and hues.

If you have grown out of liking the simplistic hair color like that of Belle from Beauty and the Beast or of Rapunzel, it’s time you add some fun to your hairstyle. Who doesn’t like hair full of golden fairy dust and sunlight yet a woody texture in the backdrop? Yes! I am talking about blonde highlights on brown hairs. And if you are a brunette, gold streaks is just what you should add in your hairs to rock any occasion like a fashionista. Those days are long gone when brunettes dreamt of being blonde and the other way round. Now you can decide any color for your hairs varying from red to purple and much more. Or you can simply be a ‘Bronde’ – a mixture of brunette and blonde.

Adding highlights is an easy and quick solution for your next-in-line fashion look. Some of us are unaware of the part hair highlights and hues play in our outlook. We may think it’s a part of fashion only and nothing more. However, they seem to pronounce our skin tone and eye color greatly. That’s why considering your eye and skin color is necessary when choosing any hue for your brown hairs.


As the name suggest, ‘highlights’ are lighter than the natural hair color by at least 2 tone.

Full highlights run along the entire length of hairs from the crown to the bottom of the head. Partial highlights are in some patches of hair and run from the crown towards the bangs or cover side tresses. A third technique is Lowlights, which are usually 2 tones darker than the natural hair. In addition to full and partial highlights, lowlights provide a 3-tone dyeing for hairs.
Hair stylists use either the foil technique or the balayage method for applying highlights/lowlights to the brown hair.


These shiny, chunky highlights contrast nicely against the medium-toned hair and create an eye-catching look. Instead of the usual vertical ombre styling, this style has layers of light and dark shades giving it an overall glossy and classy appearance.

Suitable for hairstyle:

This blonde-streaks hairstyle will look alluring on short choppy hairs. Giving you a sassy look, it is perfect for shorter hairstyles like

  • Feathered Pixie
  • Disconnected pixie
  • Shag
  • Straight bob
  • Tousled bob
  • Asymmetric side-cut
  • Short Wavy-cut
  • Edgy Fringe
  • Balayage bob


Not only it gives your hair a thick look but also it makes you appear trendy and classy in shorter cuts. It is suitable for light and fair skin tones.


You may feel unsure of trying such a bright color on your hair in first go. So instead of trying a pronounced tone, just go for a subtle shade of lavender. This style combines 3 tones including subtle purple waves with a lighter shade of brown highlights on dark brown natural hair. This style suits women with olive and fair skin tones.

Suitable for hairstyle:

If you want to wear this hairstyle in your normal routine, I would suggest you go for lowlights or partial highlights technique as purple is an unusual color and too much of it may not be a good idea. It is suitable for medium-length hairs with purple waves running on the lower fringes at the back or on the tresses caressing the face cut.



If you are a professional woman and work in some corporate business that has nothing to do with the glossy fashion world, you can still dye your hairs and enjoy. Be careful, going outright for bold highlights won’t be a good option, as appearing business-like is the top priority of professionals. However, your dream of having hues and shades won’t go unfulfilled.  This style is perfect for you. No more than a slight sandy tease on the front tresses makes you steal the show away. While staying in the decent zone, you can enjoy a trendy look that clearly sends out an image of the woman who knows her fashion and work both very well.

It is preferable for light and olive skin tones.

Suitable for hairstyle:

This highlight technique is best suited for straight hairs with a long

  • Asymmetric side-cut
  • Bob
  • Feathers
  • Bangs and fringes



Avoiding the boredom altogether, you can go for dyeing your hair to a darker shade like purple or burgundy. Add waves to your long hair edges by using curlers. Add purple dye and see the magic unroll. Giving a vibrant look to your locks, this style is perfect for a holiday hangout with friends or a party in the club. From chic to bubbly, your hairs say all about your personality. It suits both light and dark skin tones.

Suitable for hairstyle:

You can dye your hair to this shade of purple if you have longer tresses like those of Cleopatra. This way they will be more pronounced and edgy, covering more of the hair length. This style looks better on long waves and curls than straight drawn hairs.




The word ‘caramel’ instantly brings chocolate in mind. Caramel in highlights looks just as delicious as the edible one. This style has 2-toned and 3-toned coloring job done beautifully on long mega locks. The combination of chocolate lowlights with caramel balayage on brown base hairs never goes out of fashion. It adds to the beauty of almost all the skin tones.

Suitable for hairstyle:

For highlights to stand out, its better that you have long curls. Even if you have straight-down hairs, you will rock the style. However, on shorter haircuts like bob and pixie, this style won’t work as it involves coloring the long curls. Best suited for cuts like

  • Layers
  • U-shape
  • Curls
  • Feathers
  • Long waves
  • Steps







This style uses mahogany red and chocolate highlights as an ombre for brown hairs. The contrast is eye-catching when you are outdoors and ignite the strands with bold mahogany hues. It stands out in the sea of boring brown hairdos due to its metallic shimmery appearance.

Suitable for hairstyle:

This style suits both long and short haircuts. However, the technique of applying highlights may vary for different hair lengths.

Women with long hairs – straight, waves or curls- have the option of balayage and dyeing the edges of their long curls.

On the other hand, brunettes with short hair can only have slight addition of red to their hairstyle.





The word ‘ombre’ in French means from dark to light shades. Ombre hairstyles have one color varying in shades from darker to lighter tone or vice versa. You can have a light tone on the crown and the final dark tone on the end fringes or you can start with the dark shade and end the look with the brightest one.

The ombre styling suits all the skin tones depending on the shades selected for highlights.

Suitable for hairstyle:

This styling better suits the long-length hair either curly or straight. As the shades have to vary from lightest to darkest, there has to be 3-4 tones which stand out clearly only on medium and long length hairstyles.






If you don’t want to let go of your natural brown color yet you wanna try blonde too, ash blonde is just the right shade for you. Ash blonde lies between blonde and brunette giving your hair an ivory-ash look. Stylists usually go for full-highlights technique for this color. It looks best with medium skin tones. It shines in the summer and appears warm against the deep and cold fall.

Suitable for hairstyle:

It doesn’t matter whether you have long or short, straight or wavy, layered or fringed hair. This style works well with almost all the hairstyles.




What never gets old is gold. Yes! the golden highlights are probably one of the first in the line-up of hues and shades. They never run out of trend. From blonde-chic party look to high-profile working woman ensemble, golden covers it all up perfectly. The golden tresses shine in the sun and help add life to your winter wardrobe. Besides, golden is a royal color; hence, it brings out the princesses in you and make you look bubbly and vibrant

This style combines golden peek-a-boo balayage on a smooth woody or brown hair base.

Suitable for hairstyle:

It is suitable for almost all the hairstyles, either long or short, straight or curls. However, it is suitable for olive, golden and warmer skin tones.



You can choose just about any shade of your choice for highlighting your hairs. If you are not confident about doing it yourself, visit a salon and show them a picture of the color you want done on your hair. The stylist can do the job for you. Brown has unlimited variations from honey and camel to mahogany and amber. Red, purple, blue, yellow, golden touch-ups just add to the vibrant look of the already scrumptious brown hairs. So what are you waiting for? Grab your dyeing kit and try out one of the trendy colors today!