Gorgeous Hairstyles with Bangs for Short & Medium Hair

Short Hair and BangsIf ever you were thinking about chopping your locks, now is the perfect time. More women and celebrities than ever before are cutting off their locks for that edgy and trendy “short hair don’t care” look. Short hair has gained so much popularity of late and with great reason. This trendy hairstyle is quick and easy to style and maintain, giving it the perfect style for all seasons. It is perfect for summer because of its ease of styling and winter for its quick drying effect.

If you are anything like me, then you will know that hair is all about experimenting and taking chances. I have experimented with bright red bangs and black hair, platinum blonde, fire-engine red, pink, short and long hair and everything else in between and through this I can vouch for the fact that chopping the tresses for a short hairstyle is something every women should try at least once in their lives. It is scary but at the same time liberating! Cutting hair is just like getting a fresh start, which is why, oftentimes when women go through life transitions they will change their hairstyle too. But, because us women value our precious hair, it is wise for us to tread carefully before making a drastic change.

Short Hair and BangsShort Hair and Bangs

Hair is all about having fun and changing it up to find out what suits you best and most importantly what you like. Because short hair is quite a chic trend at the moment, a great way to add texture and to style it up with a quirky attitude is to add some bangs. Whether it is a bob you are going for or a short choppy hair look, all the short hairstyles pair beautifully with bangs, and it gives it that extra pizzazz.

Short Hair and BangsAlmost anyone can wear short hair, but the secret is finding the perfect cut for your face shape. There is a certain length and style of short hair that suits every women, so before chopping off those locks there are a few key points to bear in mind. Choosing what short hairstyles you actually like is first on the list and then getting the opinion of your friends and family and finally your hairstylist who will give you the most professional opinion to know what would compliment your entire look and face shape.

Short Hair and BangsShort Hair and BangsSTYLING YOUR SHORT HAIR AND BANGS

There are numerous ways to style short hair with bangs. Depending on the occasion, this hairstyle can look sleek and chic or even casual and edgy. The way you choose to style your new short hair is entirely up to you but for some hair inspiration here are a few ideas that would definitely urge you in the right direction to cutting off your tresses!

Incorporating short hair with bangs is a chic and sophisticated yet fun and sexy look that women can wear. It is the perfect style to go with almost any occasion and any look. Whether you are going for a pixie cut, a bob, a shag or even a short straight cut with choppy edges, either of these can be pumped up with bangs!

d8e458659e9256af44ea1c43961a4aa3Waves & Curls

One of the most beautiful and stylish ways to wear your short hair is to throw in some curls with a larger rod curling iron with larger rods to give you that messy, bed-head yet sexy look. Or even beautifully polished and tame curls can be a look for a more formal or glam occasion.

Short Hair and Bangs


Straight & Sleek

Another way to style short hair with bangs is to straighten it into a sleek and more put-together look for a more elegant look.







Why worry about your bangs in the summertime when you can rather worry about what your next cocktail is going to be? Summer braids are another beautiful and effortless look to incorporate into your array of short hairstyles. Adding your bangs into your braid can also be a flexible style to don if you want your hair away from your face during the warmer days.

Styling your bangs with your short hairShort Hair and Bangs

Styling your bangs with your short hair can be easier than you think and can make your entire look different. If your bangs are long enough they can be worn straight or to the side. The bangs can be side-swept across your cheek or straight down on the forehead depending on the style that you desire and that which suits your face.

Short Hair and Bangs


Waves and side-swept bangs can be created using your curling wand with larger barrels and a sea salt spray to lock in those textured curls.




Short Hair and Bangs


Straight down bangs and cut. To get this style, blow-dry your bangs and the rest of your hair separately focusing the hair dryer inwards so as to achieve that more sleek and elegant look. Sexy Hair spray will keep your hair straight and frizz-free to achieve this look.









Short Hair with Bangs


The pixie cut with bangs can be styled using products that help keep the choppy cut in place. L’Oreal Extra Strong Hold Hairspray will keep your perfectly styled short hair in place with this look all day long





Whether you are after that sleek and sophisticated look or even just a casual day at the beach with some friends, short hair with bangs is the perfect trendy yet timeless hairstyle that is so versatile anyone can pull it off with just the right styling. Short hair is a style every woman should try at least once in their lives and given the right inspiration and information, it won’t be something you regret!

Short Hair and BangsShort Hair and Bangs

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Short Hair and BangsShort Hair and Bangs