50 Meaningful and Lovely Sister Tattoo Design Ideas

What is a sister tattoo?

Sister tattoos are matching tattoos that normally depicts relationship of love, kinship and eternity. Sister tattoos could be flying matching birds, matching quotes and other meaningful symbols that show bond between sisters. They are usually placed on the same part of the body or on the counterpart of the other.

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Matching sister tattoos

Sisters, may them be blood-related or not, oftentimes share a connection that is unique to them and that is hard to break. The close bond between sisters is undeniably one to be treasured, thus, matching sister tattoos are a great way to express and celebrate this kind of bond and love.

The design could be anything like an animal, a symbol, an angel, or a quote, whatever you think is meaningful. The part of the body where you want to place the tattoo also adds a deeper meaning to it. Here are some matching sister tattoo design ideas for you!

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Beautiful tattoo symbols for sisters

Sharing a unique sisterhood, blood-related or not, oftentimes is always better expressed with tattoo symbols. As a memorial, or your way of celebrating that special bond, there are a lot of sister symbols to choose from.


A heart symbol is a likable tattoo design especially if the sisters are related by blood. It can be a set of two hearts entwined with each other. Names of the kin can be added to the heart symbol too, to add more meaning to it. Another design is a matching heart tattoo. This can be achieved by having a half heart for each recipient.

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Sun and Moon tattoos as body art are popular today.They are seen in different styles such as in forms of; realistic, fantasy, overstated, cartoonish, in a design that resembles yin yang and separate from each other yet close together. Basically, the moon is shown in the Greek symbol for a sister, sun on the other hand, symbolizes the truth and light. The sun and moon means two things entirely different but are just the same. Here are some sister tattoos with sun and moon design ideas!

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Sounds ordinary, yes, but is a great design idea for a sister tattoo! Numerous symbols can be incorporated with the sisters’ name to create a meaningful design. With its popularity, you can add a lot of elements too like a flower, or an infinity symbol or a symbol that shows your personalities with your name on it. A name tattoo, with customized designs or symbols is great for showing that special bond between sisters! Check out these name tattoo designs!

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The infinity tattoo design alone holds a deep meaning amidst its simplicity. The infinity symbol depicts the concept of being endless or limitless. It signifies eternity, having no boundaries and never ending possibilities. Thus, incorporating it with sister tattoos just takes its meaning to a whole new level. If you opt to get inked with an infinity symbol with your sister/s, then you are most probably thinking about your endless bond and connection. Side from these facts, sister tattoos with infinity symbol can be placed anywhere in the body too! You can also choose different dimensions – if you want it small, just enough to be seen, or just enough to cover a certain part of your body. Take a look at these examples to help you out!

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Other Sister Tattoo Ideas

Cute sister tattoos

If you are looking for a cute sister tattoo, the design can come from a different variety of options you and your sister/s would definitely love. You can either select from different symbols that depict the relationship you have. You also have an option of choosing what kind of animal would best describe your traits or characteristics and turn it into a cute representation of your bond. To help you out, here are some cute sister tattoos you can choose from!

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Sister foot tattoos

Sister tattoos can be placed anywhere – on your finger/s, neck, shoulder, chest, even on your foot! But you have to be a hundred and one percent sure on getting inked on your foot because it tends to heal longer than other parts on your body. Nonetheless, here are some pretty good sister foot tattoos you may choose from.

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Unique sister tattoos

If you want your tattoo to be uncommon or standout because of its uniqueness, the design has to be more of something that only you and your sister/s can relate to, if not, something that is nearly a not so common symbol. If a unique sister tattoo is what you want, then you must refrain from using the infinity symbol, or some flower designs. Thus, here are some unique sister tattoos to help you out!

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Big sister, little sister tattoos

This is pretty much the same with the other tattoos, meaning, you can have any sister tattoo design ideas that you prefer, it just differ on where you put it. For the little sister, it can be placed on the part of the body which is less painful and does not take a longer time to heal. In other words, your sister tattoos doesn’t have to be located on the same part of the body. For the big sister it may be found on the foot and as for little sister, it can be found on her shoulder as long as it depicts the bond you share. Let us take a look at these examples!

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Brother and sister tattoos

For a brother and sister tattoo you may actually stick to a quote, you can have it divided into to parts, like the first part of the quote will be tattooed on you and the remaining part on your sibling. If you want to keep your tattoo a little bit mysterious in a way, you can make use of symbols. Check out these brother and sister tattoo design ideas!

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Let us know what sister tattoo design idea is the best for you and your sibling/s!