50 Owl Tattoo Design Ideas with Unique Meanings

Are you the type who relish everything about darkness? Like nothing feels better than the night fall and you simply cannot stay away from the deep skeleton in the cupboard masked in shadow? If that is you, then an owl tattoo may just be the impeccable way to show your love for the shadow walking being.

Owl tattoos are not reserved for specific gender, for years, men and women have demonstrated their affection for these tattoos. Usually, owl tattoos are sophisticated and classy in the body. An important aspect of a tattoo is that it should convey a message that corresponds to your lifestyle.

Owl Tattoo Meaning

Owl tattoos are special. They have numerous symbolism which are derived from cultures all over the world. An owl tattoo is a symbol for wisdom, knowledge and education. Its symbolism does not end there, as owl tattoo also symbolizes deity, as well as vision and freedom – seeing that an owl, is a bird.

It is important that you have an idea of your owl tattoo meaning before you wear them as they become a lifetime part of you. Here are some owl tattoo design ideas you may choose from!

Making tattoo choices and placements

Once you have settled for an owl tattoo, you should be able to come up with the best owl tattoo design that will perfectly carry the message you desire. Despite the fact that owl tattoos have varied details, they can be made in distinctive shapes making it difficult to spot. At points where they are complex, you may opt for colorful owl tattoos.

Colorful owl tattoos are always vibrant. You can get one tattoo on your body done in almost all colors. However, you may stick to black ink which is used majorly in tattooing. Owls can be re-sized to any dimensions; this allows you to ink the tattoo in almost any part of your body. Conventionally, women prefer small owl tattoos as they blend well with women’s body structures, bringing out their corporeal beauty and desirability. Unlike women, men have the palate for broad tattoos, which in many cases are multifaceted in design. These ins and outs blends well with men’s massive physique. An owl tattoo on the chest is always eye-catching in men if perfectly placed.

Usually, large surfaces make the finishing image splendid and very salient since it will be comprehensive and connote the entire desired message. An owl tattoo on an individual’s back for example portrays all the details of your lifestyle.

One of the best tattoo designs

Unlike other tattoo patterns, owl tattoos are exceptional. Be it traditional owl tattoo or the modern ones, they usually appear where they can display how owls stand on their own. Owls eyes are brightly positioned – like they are watching over everything, this is to depict the wisdom and visions associated with owls’ minds.

Classy owl tattoo designs intermingles an owl with ornamented eyes and in other incidences a clock. Owls remind us the importance of time, something that may be special to you in a particular stage of life can always stay vivid. Majorly, if you have a mark that reminds you of this, owl tattoos do serve these purposes right.

Some tattoo species look appealing to the eye before they are inked to your body. There were testimonies from people who have hated for settling for wrong tattoo choices. On the contrary, anyone who has settled for whole tattoos have never regretted about it. The feeling of wisdom associated with owls is special leave alone the tattoo itself. Here are some more owl tattoo design ideas you will never regret get inked into your skin!