12 Best Longline Blazer and Jacket Outfit Ideas for Women

how to wear longline blazers jackets

Longline blazers and jackets are so versatile that you can wear them in all different kinds of occasions, from work, causal dining, to formal events. In this blog post, I am going to share with you a lot of beautiful ways to wear longline blazers and other types of longline jackets. These outfit ideas are so good in making you look slimmer and taller. They also really make you stand out from the crowd, as not too many people are adventurous enough to try anything other than normal-length jackets. I feel like longline jackets are so underrated in the fashion world that they are not mentioned enough. Let’s check out some of the most amazing ideas now and unlock the secret of wearing longline blazers.

Wear Skirt with Longline Blazer to Work

black longline blazer with skirt work


If you need to dress formal or semi-formal to work, wearing a skirt with a longline blazer is a great outfit idea to make yourself look more feminine comparing to wearing a standard suit. By the way, if you have to wear suits to work, you can check out my other blog post on ladylike ways to wear a suit. Regarding the skirt and longline blazer combination, it looks best when you have the skirt’s length about 2 to 3 inches above your knees and the blazer’s length touching your knees.

Wear with Skinny Jeans & Sneakers

skinny jeans sneakers longline blazers


For a casual outfit idea that actually looks good and sharp enough for casual Fridays at work, wearing a longline blazer with skinny jeans and sneakers is a great combination. This outfit idea is also very much suitable for casual dinner and casual dating.

Wear Longline Denim Jacket with Black Skinny Jeans

longline denim jacket black top skinny jeans


When it comes to longline jackets, the longline blazer is not your only choice. Pairing a washed blue longline denim jacket with a black top and black skinny jeans can make you look absolutely stylish and beautiful. The black top and skinny jeans can already help make you look slimmer. The longline denim jacket further visually trimmed some width off your body, making you look tall and slim.

Grey Cotton Longline Jacket

cotton longline jacket grey casual


This is a wonderful outfit idea if you want to look more fragile and feminine. Very often, when you think about dressing in a way to look fragile, comfy sweaters and oversized tops come to mind. A grey cotton longline jacket actually works equal well. And not only that, it doesn’t make you look shorter the way other oversized tops do.

Longline Trench Coat

longline trench coat woman outfit

Longline trench coat is a great idea for fall and winter, and you can pair it with almost anything to look good. A typical casual fall look is to pair it with skinny jeans and a t shirt or a tank top. For winter, you can replace the top with a high neck knit sweater.

Longline Sleeveless Jacket

longline sleeveless jacket outfit idea


The longline sleeveless jacket may not be able to play a big part in keeping you warm, but it adds the little bit of details you just need to look unique and beautiful. By pairing it with a wide leg cropped trouser, you will be able to look gorgeous and stylish and you will naturally stand out from the crowd. In my opinion, it works best if you are a musician or an artist of any kind, or if you have the artistic gene in your character. This outfit idea will just help you express that part of your character with your look.

Longline Hooded Jacket

longline hooded jacket casual street


For a stylish casual street look, you can pair a longline hooded jacket with skinny jeans and sneakers. Pairing with boyfriend jeans is also an excellent idea if you want to add more character to your look. You may want to check out our other blog post on the best ways to wear boyfriend jeans.

Longline Bomber Jacket

longline bomber jacket women


Pairing a black bomber jacket with a denim shirt, black skinny jeans, and sneakers can give you that cool dark look that you always want to try once in a while. It’s a great outfit idea for casual gathering at night, especially when you are just hanging out with your girl friends that you don’t necessarily want to dress too feminine.

Longline Leather Jacket

longline leather jacket women


If you like to try a tough and cool look, a longline leather jacket or biker jacket can make you look very sharp and smart. Simply pair it with a white tee or a tank top and a pair of slim cut or relaxed fit ripped jeans will work wonderfully.

Longline Chiffon Jacket

chiffon longline jacket skinny jeans


Fabric can make a world of difference in terms of the feel it adds to your overall look. A chiffon longline jacket can make you look chic and feminine. It’s a great outfit idea for fall to pair it with skinny jeans and heeled sandals. It works best when the length of the chiffon jacket nearly touches your ankle.

Longline Fishtail Jacket

longline fishtail jacket with ripped jeans


For a slightly rebellious look, you can pair a longline fishtail jacket with ripped jeans. The fishtail design is the perfect subtle touch to make you look more edgy. Sometimes, in a bad day, I just want to go out alone, put my sunglasses on, look slightly edgy and different from my usual self, and try my best to get out of a bad mood as quickly as possible.

Floral Longline Jacket

longline floral jacket


Finally, the floral longline jacket is an honourable mention that I did hesitate to put it on the list. Although you can look good with this outfit idea if you style perfectly and that’s why I want to mention it, I really don’t recommend you to try it if you don’t have the best fashion sense in the world to judge yourself. Wearing a floral longline jacket requires you to have a tall and slim body and it requires you to have a lot of confidence in order to pull off this outfit. Otherwise, you can easily look clunky and weird.

So, there are some nice longline jacket ideas that I think can help you dress with more style and uniqueness. My favorite idea is the longline sleeveless jacket as it really makes you look more artistic and beautiful. If you think this blog post is helpful to you, make sure you also check out our other articles that have tips on outfit ideas, piercing, fitness and more.