White Ink Tattoo Designs: Subtle Yet Stunning

Popular white ink tattoos

White ink tattoos are growing in popularity. A lot of body art aficionados normally find them astonishing and bizarre at the same time. Nonetheless, those kind of tattoos look much different than traditional tattoos, not just because they look divergent but also because white ink tattoos do not follow the usual tattoo process of stenciling and outlining in black. Instead, the tattoo itself is completely done with white ink. Tattoos are leaving a ghostly image that looks discreet but still visible.

White tattoo is also popular among Celebs.

White tattoo has a famous actress and singer Lindsay Lohan, model Cara Delevingne and Rihanna.

Advantages of white ink tattoo

  • White ink tattoos are discreet and fashionable

White ink tattoos can be a good alternative for someone who wants a tattoo but can’t have obvious body art in their work environment. Furthermore white tattoos are thicker and are really special and unique.

  • White ink tattoos are glowing

White ink tattoos are almost invisible under regular light, while they can be beautifully seen in the Clubs while you’re partying. This kind of tattoo is therefore mostly appropriate for people who would like to be unseen during ordinary day tasks and also for those who would like to be different from others because white ink tattoos are not so common.

  • White ink tattoos are unique

Image of white tattoo can have unique look.

Disadvantages of white ink tattoo

This kind of tattoo is definitely different, this is why it can also brings a certain negative qualities.

  • White ink tattoos can look as a scar

The image of tattoo can be raised on an individual’s skin differently and sometimes can look more of a scar rather than the normal tattoo.

  • White ink tattoos can fade or even disappear

White tattoo can sometimes quickly fades, it becomes yellow or even disappears faster especially when it is exposed to sunlight. Unlike black tattoos that fade and turn out to be gray at the end, a white tattoo that is fading appears to vanish. That’s why some individual’s require repeated applications of the ink in order to keep this kind of tattoo from appearing bright.

  • White ink tattoos are less visible on white skin, while it can be clearly visible on darker skin.

This can an advantage and disadvantage for those with lighter as well as for those whit darker skin. Everything is a matter of taste and on whether you want that your white tattoo is visible or not.

Before you decide to have tattoo make sure that..

  • You will choose right design and the right place.

Choosing the right design and the right place can ensure success or failure of your tattoo. Tattoos can surely change your life because it can influence on your look and also on your job career, friends, family etc. Tattoo can surely stigmatize you. That’s why it is very important that you ask yourself if this is really the right tattoo for you.

If you still do not have any idea what kind of design/image do you want, you can check our other posts small tattoos, behind ear tattoos, family tree tattoos ….

  • You have to choose the right Tattoo Studio.

Choosing the right Tattoo Studio is also important because they can have severe impact on your health and, of course, on the final appearance of tattoo. So make sure that the physical integrity is regulated and registered. The Tattoo Studio must have business license and it should be authorized by the health monitoring.

  • If you’re sure the white ink is the right decision.

If you choose it, keep in mind that white ink tattoo will probably be slightly more expensive than ordinary.

Few final tips

  • Never tattoo under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Take care of your new tattoo and avoid creams and lotions that contain fragrances, alcohol, artificial colors and other ingredients that can irritate the tattoo.

We hope that we helped you in choosing your new white tattoos. And do not forget, with your new white tattoo you will be discrete during the day and fabulous and seen during the night.