5 Cute & Fun Ear Piercing Ideas

If you too are thinking about piercing your ears, take a look at these modern, out-of-the box ideas and get inspired! And who knows, once you take the plunge, maybe you’ll become a source of inspiration for the others around you as well. Cute piercing ideas for the modern lady, coming right up:

1. The Helix Piercing

Probably one of the most popular ear piercing ideas right now. Wondering why? The helix offers a lot of space to place a multitude of earrings – and this look is uber-trendy right now! Some place their earrings in a mix’n’match style, while others like to create more elaborate designs. However, the most popular type of helix piercing is a single earring, unusual or unique.  Single studs, metal rings, dainty arrows or dream-catchers are all perfect choices for those who want to make a small but significant statement with their ear jewelry.

2. The Industrial Piercing

Feeling bold? Go for an industrial-type of piercing! You can see this piercing as a variation of the helix one above, just that with two punches instead of one. The punches are made at the opposite ends of the helix so that they can accommodate a longer piece of jewelry. Because of its shape and size, extremely popular choices for an industrial piercing are arrows or bars decorated with colorful studs. Don’t be afraid to mix it up however and choose a more unusual design, such as a thunderbolt, a spiral or even a chain. Wondering how you could incorporate this type of piercing in your day-to-day life? Wearing a feminine dress could be the perfect juxtaposition and a sure way to skyrocket to it-girl status.

3. The Conch Piercing

Alongside the ones above, conch piercings are increasingly popular as well. This may have something to do with the fact that they also are very visible, and so, easier to make a statement with. The conch is the cup-shaped area adjacent to the ear canal, which offers a perfect play-ground for ear-studded design. Contemporary choices are 3-5 small studs in various colors, placed in such a way that they form a colorful pattern. A subtle and equally trendy choice is a single small stud which makes for a surprise element that enhances the look. Captive bead rings which run through the inner conch are also very popular and are available in a multitude of fab designs.

4.The Daith Piercing

So cute and dainty! Daith piercings pass through the ear’s inner cartilage fold, the one that is closest to the head. This is an extremely favorable (and comfortable!) place to wear a piercing because the jewelry has space to sit in the conch area of the ear. Popular choices for daith piercings are curved barbells, captive bead rings and hearts. And for good reason! Their placement attracts all the attention and they can really make or break a look. More than just a rebellious form of expressing oneself, contemporary daith piercings can look fun, cute and even girly. Wear them to add a glam and fun twist to your look.

5. The Tragus Piercing

Loving small but meaningful jewelry? Pick a tragus piercing, which is placed in a similar area like the daith one, except lower. Barbells, captive bead rings and earring studs are popular choices for tragus piercings, but don’t worry: the array of designs available out there is enough to satisfy even the pickiest piercing wearers. Take, for example, earrings with particular shapes: an infinity sign, a key, a turtle, a feather, or a heart. All are cute and dainty examples of ear piercing ideas which are discrete but pack a lot of meaning. So easy and comfortable to wear! You don’t really need to think twice about this type of piercing – it looks sweet and simple, perfect for daily wear.

Of course, be careful about which salon you pick for your piercings and closely follow the aftercare instructions, so that your piercings will heal quickly and easily. Then all that’s left to do is to get used to always having fantastic ear jewelry to enhance your every look! Such a dream come true!